Gemini April

With your ruler Mercury still in the murky waters of Pisces until April 11th, and Venus, the Planet of Magnetism, entering your sign on April 3rd, the month begins with your sexual thoughts at an all-time high — as well as your sex drive. Saturn’s shift into Aquarius is activating your sector of expansion and adventure until July 1st, and while you may feel a bit restless due to having to be more of a homebody than your natural self would want to be, you can get creative when it comes to unleashing sexual adventures and desires.

If you’re stuck at home with bae, you’re one of the lucky ones, and they will feel ultra special with Venus in your sign, because both twins will be able to give them even more attention than usual. Geminis who are in an open relationship or polyamorous will also thrive during this transit, because the sexting and sensual photography will be off the charts. The Geminis who will have to be ultra self-aware are those in monogamous relationships who may be feeling extra flirtatious. You may not even be trying to be sneaky or malicious — Venus in your sign will simply make you “feel yourself” more, in all sense of the phrases. And others will feel you too.

Whether you’re poly or monogamous, being honest with your partner(s) about any crushes you may have, or about those who may be coming on to you, will end up strengthening your connection, particularly around the Libra Full Moon that occurs April 7th. Open-mindedness and honest conversations will feel ultra sexy with the Full Moon in your fellow air sign of Libra — the sign of partnerships. Sex or sexts that occur under this Full Moon will have a liberating and hilarious energy to it. It’s like you’ve finally released sexual tension that’s been bubbling within you for a while, and you just don’t know what to do with yourself. That’s a good thing, Gemini. This month, you shouldn’t be overthinking as much (I know, it’s easier said than done because you’re literally ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Thought & communication). You should simply be living. Learning how to trust your body, and yourself, will deepen the emotional and physical connection you have with your lover(s), be they real or imaginary.

Speaking of Mercury, on the 13th it shifts out of Pisces (whewww, we needed this), and enters bold and fiery Aries. You will notice yourself having a dirtier mind and mouth around this time. If you’re at home with bae, they will thank you for your oral gifts that you’ll be supremely gifted at administering during this transit. Even if it’s phone sex, your way with words will leave your lover moaning for more. Quality over quantity, though Gemini — remember that. Even if you find yourself with endless options of whom to interact with, doesn’t mean you have to give your time and attention to a plethora of people.

Use Mars in Aquarius’ six-week transit to help you be more selective when it comes to romantic suitors. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is in Capricorn almost all year long, and it’s activating your sector of depth and intimacy, encouraging you to take the slow and steady route to reach sustainable and long-term arousal in all areas of your life, particularly the ones in which you get to merge mind, body, and soul, with one or more soulmates.

Duality has always been a part of who you are, Gemini. In fact, you are more than just the twins, you are multiple energies in one, in a more pronounced and distinguishable way than most zodiac signs. When Taurus Season begins on the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd, your sector of spirituality and healing will be activated, and this will play a big role in helping you release any resentments that have been in your subconscious since last decade. Instead of pointing fingers at past exes, crushes, or people who may have left you feeling betrayed or hurt, you’ll look at yourself with compassion and you’ll open yourself up to cultivating meaningful, soulful and sexual connections with people who make you feel emotionally supported. By month’s end, you may also be able to admit your own shortcomings in previous situationships, your lack of clarity or consistency, or your omissions that led to disappointment. No one’s perfect, and sex and relationships don’t have to be perfect either. The messier you allow yourself to be, emotionally and sexually this month, the more fun and orgasmic your life becomes.