Gemini December

Gemini, you’re experiencing a mystical Full Moon in your sign on 12/12, making you one of the universal favorites this month. Are you ready for this energy? Even though you may find yourself surrounded by admirers, the truth is that you’re ready for the real deal. People often assume you’re the player of the zodiac, but there is so much more depth to you, both in and out of the bedroom, than they initially realize. December’s a month where you may be tempted to play the field, but deep down, you just want a soulmate. Someone who can fully accept you for who you are, and not shame you for your shadow side. If you already have that person, sex with them this month will be out of the world.

If you’re working on manifesting such a bomb intellectual and sexual connection, begin by being clear about what that soulmate energy feels like to you. Use the Sag New Moon’s lingering energy up until your 12/12 Full Moon to set your New Moon Intentions, because it’s specifically activating your relationship sector. For many Geminis, this year has been a mind fuck and has left you feeling destabilized romantically and sexually. This New Moon gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start and forgive yourself and others for past sexual and emotional transgressions that you may have inflicted on each other this decade. A new sexual reality awaits once you are vulnerable about past pain or trauma.

Now that Neptune, the Planet of Illusion and Fantasy, is direct in your sector of career and reputation, love and business may get interconnected in your life this month. Someone in your professional or creative circle that you previously never regarded romantically may all of a sudden appear to be so much more attractive to you, and sparks may start to fly. The key to feeling at the top of your sex game this month is to make sure all the other parts of your life, particularly your career, are aligned with what you really want to be doing. If you feel unsatisfied in your job, for example, then that may creep into your relationships and you may find yourself feeling restless and unable to fully focus when connecting with someone emotionally and sexually. The key to avoid this is to be fully in tune with how you’re feeling on a personal level before trying to merge with other. Your tendencies to project your emotions unto others are enhanced this month, so beware.

On 12/12, the Gemini Full Moon activates your sector of self, bringing your six-month cycle of rebirth full circle. Think back to the intentions you set at the Gemini New Moon during your birthday season. Knowing you, you had several, and some of them contradicted each other. At your annual Full Moon, with the Sun in Sag activating your partnership sector, you may realize that it’s okay to want it all, as long as you’re open to the way you get it all. It may not literally come all at once.

If you’re in an open relationship, polyamorous, or dating / talking to / having sex with many people at a time, one or more of your connections may dissolve around this Full Moon. Gently let it go. There’s a reason it’s ending. The same goes for a relationship or connection that you’ve been holding on to for far too long, but that’s no longer compatible with your reality. While it may at first feel painful to let go, there’s a whole new world waiting for you on the other side. Have faith in yourself and your ability to manifest sexual and romantic partners aligned with your vibration.

Capricorn Season starts December 21st and activates your sector of depth and intimacy. The Capricorn New Moon Solar eclipse on the 26th intensifies that, you may manifest a supremely satisfying sexual connection, but the type of foreplay that will lead to that is raw honest conversations. If you’re trying to get back with the bae that got away, pour your heart out and let them know why they should give you a second chance. That doesn’t mean you have to beg or lose your dignity, but it does mean you have to leave the mind games behind, dare to apologize, and let them see you for who you really are — get naked with them. Not physically (yet), but emotionally. This will be the most radical thing you could do for your sex life, and it’s something you should keep practicing as 2020 begins. Play fellow Gemini’s “Dark Fantasy” as sexual inspiration that helps you ascend.

Gemini, the more you practice transparency and vulnerability this month, even if it feels scary AF at first, the more your sex life blossoms and your relationships deepen. With Mercury in Sag activating your partnership sector for most of the month, and then Mercury in Capricorn highlighting your intimacy sector, love, sex, and thrilling unions will dominate your consciousness. Even if you don’t end the year with the lover you expected, the act of being honest about what you’re feeling and desiring will help you attract bomb sexual and emotional connections with the lover(s) you’re meant to be with — even if that lover starts off as yourself. This end of year will help transform you into an even better you, and your sex life will benefit from this metamorphosis.