Gemini December

Gemini, this month you continue to be a celestial favorite sexually and emotionally speaking. People literally cannot stop thinking about you, fantasizing of you, and craving you! You deserve this type of unapologetic attention, and the lunar eclipse that took place in your sign on November 30th will continue to influence you all December 2020, allowing you to clearly see the people that you’re most drawn to, and why. If you’ve been in denial of a certain connection, or you pushed it away because it was too intense and emotional, you’ll be gifted an opportunity to evaluate your decision-making skills, and in typical Gemini fashion, you’ll most likely change your mind and course correct. That will be the best decision you’ve made all year. Deep down, you want love and intimacy. You want mind-blowing sex and back to back orgasms. Yes, you got yourself and you’re a sapiosexual who can do fine without a partner. But if there were any time to be clear about the type of lover(s) you want, and to actually ask for that energy, it would be now.

Venus, the Planet of Love, spends the first half of the month in the sultry sign of Scorpio, and many Geminis may find that their relationship with their own body intensifies during this transit, allowing them to be more in tune with their own levels of horniness and sexual attraction. Sometimes as a Gemini you can’t tell if you’re attracted to someone’s intellect or their entire essence. This month you’ll find yourself being undeniably clear — pay attention to who stays on your mind 24/7, even as you distract yourself with other things or beings. If you can’t help but think of them kissing you all over, and you’ve been envisioning yourself doing extremely naughty things to them, and they are the main subjects in your dreams, then that’s your intuition trying to get you closer to them. You’ll be shook at the intensity of your desires this month, Gemini, and that’s because your heart chakra has been opening increasingly since your eclipse hit.

With your ruler Mercury, the Planet of Communication, in Sag until the 20th, plus the Sag Solar Eclipse taking place on the 14th, your sector of relationships is lit up this month, Gemini. While you’ll be feeling magnetic, if you’re single you’ll also be wanting to deepen your connection with more than one being. This is a powerful month to explore with people who aren’t taking themselves too seriously, but who still have clear intentions that you both express to each other. Sex with you this month will feel like they’re on a merry-go-round, because your energy levels will be fiery AF, and you’ll want to use your mouth, hands, tongue, and activated all parts of your senses as you indulge in mutual pleasure and sexual reciprocity. You’re out here changing lives!

Once Venus shifts out of Scorpio and enters Sag on the 15th, you’ll seek more breathing room in your love bonds, especially as we approach the start of Capricorn Season on the 21st. Saturn and Jupiter will have shifted out of Capricorn and entered your fellow air sign of Aquarius, so virtual sex is likely to be a hit during the second half of the month — but you’ll have to communicate your boundaries, expectations and desires clearly before, after, and during the deed. You find open-hearted communication to be sexy and an excellent form of foreplay, so get specifically descriptive when it comes to how you want to be adorned, and what you’d like to make other people experience. Because that’s what sex with you will feel like as the final month of 2020 rounds out, Gem. The ultimate experience — an astronomically satisfying one. Boom!