Gemini December

Gemini, how much do you want what you think you want? This will be an essential question to ask yourself this month. As the sign of twins, you can often be pulled in several directions, especially sexually. You want to feel free and uninhibited, but you also want to feel like you’ve met your soulmate and they’re fulfilling your every desire. At times you want to be single and independent and committed and boo’d up at the exact same time. This back and forth can be deeply confusing to both you and your partner(s), and it’s important for you to gain greater clarity on your sexual and romantic desires during this final month of the year. That way, you won’t be as all over the place once 2019 begins, and this will lead to a boost in your sex life because people won’t feel as conflicted about sleeping with you. Basically, this month will increase your emotional maturity and help you be honest with yourself about the type of sexual partner you truly are.

Venus spends all month in the intense sign of Scorpio, and this may activate urges to truly commit to your sexual partner in a more permanent way than you ever thought you’d desire. Take time to process where these deeper feelings are coming from, particularly after December 6, once Mercury Retrograde will officially be over. Mercury Retrograde the first 6 days of the month can exacerbate your feelings of uncertainty, but once the New Moon in Sagittarius takes place on December 7th in your partnership sector, a whole new reality opens up to you and your ability to view sex as the ultimate adventure intensifies. This means that you won’t settle for just anytime of sexual intercourse — you want to feel fulfilled by it, and you want to feel spiritually connected to your partner before, during, and after the act itself. Circle the dates of December 7 – 17th as some of the most sexually exciting.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Pisces all month long, activating your reputation and career sector. It’s important for you to focus on feeling happy about your work, because that will be directly correlated to how great your sex life is. Since you’re often so lost in your own thoughts, if you’ve been feeling restless with the way your career trajectory is going, you’ll find it hard to be present with any sexual interactions you have this month. You may also end up getting easily distracted at work and fantasizing about sex instead of focusing on your work. Try your best to break down your projects into manageable tasks instead of putting too much pressure on yourself to get it all done at once. Reward yourself with sex breaks throughout the work week — even if it means playing hooky from time to time. Mars in Pisces energy is about going with the flow and letting your intuition lead the way, so you don’t have to think that rationally this month. If one day you’re craving a last-minute booty call after work, then that’s exactly what you should pursue. No questions asked. Mercury Retrograde may have slowed your roll sexually last month and in the first week of December, but the second half of the month will make you feel like you have your mojo back.

Once Capricorn Season begins on December 21, followed by a Cancer New Moon on the 22nd, you’ll feel more grounded in your sexual desires, and it’s quite likely that you’ll have a heart-to-heart with the person who turns you on the most. If you’re in a relationship and felt a bit distant from your partner during Mercury Retrograde, expect things to take a turn for the better around Capricorn Season, and your ability to merge soulfully both in and outside of the bedroom will deepen. People will be pleasantly surprised by your newfound level of commitment. You’ll take the time to ensure that their needs are met, and you’ll want to talk about it with them by asking them in detail how you can most please them and make them cum. You’re a master of conversation, and with the Cancer Full Moon lighting up your security sector, you’ll be able to sweet-talk anyone into your bed. Use this gift carefully, Gemini, and make sure it’s directed at someone that you want to keep in your life for the long-term. Avoid leading people on, even if it’s fun. As the year comes to an end, you’ll want to rack up positive sexual karma, by forgiving yourself and others for times when you may have intentionally or unintentionally hurt each other. Clear the air by the end of the month, find closure on past hookups that have outgrown their potential, and make room for a magical 2019 where you feel sexually fulfilled every day of the year.