Gemini February

Your ruler Mercury begins its retrograde this month, Gemini, but don’t let that stop you from indulging in sexual connections, or healing past connections that still mean a lot to you. If anything, February is the month to do just that. If you want to have an abundant and intentional sex life, and if you want to continue to cultivate mind-blowing connections, you should use February 2020 to cleanse your chakras, clear your aura, and become aware of your sexual karma. Why is it that Gemini’s often such a polarizing, yet deeply intriguing and often irresistible sign? That’s what you’ll be getting to the root of, and those you’re sexually tied to (or you used to be) will also be pondering that during Mercury retrograde and its pre-shadow period.

Use the first two weeks of the month to take a look at the status of your current romantic relationships. Yes, the sex may be bomb, but how real is the connection? If it’s amazing and you feel fully satisfied, then the Leo Full Moon on February 9th — and the four days that precede and follow the Full Moon — may be one of the most sexy, magnetic and ferocious sexual experiences you have. Even if it’s just eye sex or sexting, you’ll be in the mood to let your lover(s) know loud and clear how much they mean to you. Your communication sector will be activated by this Full Moon, and words that you’ve been meaning to express for the past six months will suddenly come out flowing. If you can’t speak them, then write them a paragraph or a love letter. Whether it’s an apology, an admittance of your deepest sexual fantasies, or a list of all the ways they turn you on, your bae(s) will swoon over your passion and vulnerability. More of that in 2020, Gemini. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Now, if your relationships are currently full of drama, inconsistencies, or are simply a pure distraction, this month’s Leo Full Moon, Mars in Capricorn, and Mercury Retrograde will serve as a tremendous wake-up call for you, Gemini. Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is currently in Capricorn until March, activating your sector of depth, merging and intimacy. That’s partially why the Universe has been putting some Geminis through it romantically — it wants you to face your shadows and not hide from them anymore. How many of you have been living a double life? Perhaps you’re having bomb sex with many people, but not letting them know transparently that that’s the case. While it may be fun at first, ultimately it may weaken the quality of the sexual and emotional relationships you have, because people can sense the dishonesty on a spiritual level, which leads to distrust and eventually distance. The Full Moon and Mercury being in Pisces will cause you to admit to yourself when your lack of authenticity, or your emotional escapism, have literally been a c*ck block, or have led to you losing the one you actually would have fully committed to, if only your ego would let you. Wheewwww. Manifesting a bomb sex life that transcends the physical means doing a lot of inner work and committing to your metamorphosis. There’s no need to be hard on yourself, Gem babe. Just be brave enough to begin again. As the sign of change, you of all people have the ability to do so.

So let’s talk about this retrograde. The first Mercury Retrograde of 2020. Prepare for exes to surface, and for the sex to be bomb if you decide to merge physically with them. But also know that not all that glitters is gold. Take time to have a conversation with all exes who re-enter your life or those that you may be seeking out. The eye f*cking in itself will be pretty orgasmic, even if the relationship ended in a sour note. There’s a reason we can stereotypically feel so antagonistic towards are exes — in the end, it’s still some subverted form of attraction and desire. So Mercury Retrograde in Pisces will encourage you to own up to that instead of trying to categorize your relationship as “completely over”, or “the worst mistake you ever made”. Talk things out, have a heart-to-heart, and then decide if you’re receiving confirmations from the Universe that it’s time to woohoo.

The Pisces New Moon on February 23rd will have a cathartic effect on you, as it will help you magnetically attract connections that are here to help you grow as a lover and human being. Prepare to have major butterflies, either with an existing lover who shows you a more sensual side of themselves that’s irresistible or with a brand new connection who may be tied to your career or social circle. It’s not too good to be true, Gemini. You’ve been owning your shadows this month, so succumb to the light, and have soul-stirring sex on the beach while you’re at it. Yes, you’re being given the green light to travel during Mercury Retrograde, to a place near or far, and open yourself up sexually and spiritually to merging with people who can match your new and improved vibration, while showing you the depth of intimacy and connection.