Gemini January

Gemini, 2020 is the year where you can start a new sex story for yourself. As the sign of twins, you’re often known for living a double life, and at your worst you can be such a good liar that you end up believing the lie yourself, and making others seem crazy as a result. But that’s so last decade…You know that there’s more to you than impulsive and reactionary patterns of behavior and this month’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on the 10th will help you have a wake-up call regarding how amazing of a sexual partner and lover you can be if you dare to own your shadow side and be courageous enough to disrupt destructive sexual patterns. That doesn’t mean you’ve been out here breaking hearts or disregarding people’s boundaries (although let’s be honest, some of you definitely have). You very well may be the one who’s still nursing a broken heart or wishing for the one who got away to be in between your legs.

Mercury retrograde will begin next month, so this is actually a great time to shoot your shot romantically and sexually, so that your mind is clear and you don’t second-guess what you really want. But let’s face it, Gemini, as the sign of twins, you’ll never be 100% certain what you want. The key is to admit that to your sexual partners, instead of leaving them questioning what your true intentions and desires are. By being honest about yourself about your inconsistencies, double standards and uncertainties, you’ll be able to open up both in and out of the bedroom, and that will actually make you much more attractive to your partner(s).

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Sag all month long, and it’s activating your partnership sector, Gemini. This isn’t a month to try to commit to something or someone just because it’s the practical thing to do. Sexually you’ll be in the mood for exploration and constant stimulation. Even if on the outside you seem hella chill, deep down you’ll be thinking of the next time you can release your sexual stamina and feel the reciprocal excitement from whomever you merge with. It doesn’t always have to be a physical connection, either. With Aquarius season beginning the 20th, a part of you may indulge in sexting more than actual love-making, and that will feel supremely satisfying too. Slide into your crush’s DMs and see what happens.

Having sex doggy style, getting oiled up and felt on, sucking, licking, strapping, back scratches, one, two, three, four partners at once, no partners at all — big Mars in Sag and Venus in Pisces energy! This is the month to live your best life, and not only in your local neighborhood, but abroad and overseas too. With Mars in Sagittarius, you’ll feel drawn to connecting with people who live in different area codes and time zones than you do.

Phone sex and cybersex are right up your alley this month, so connecting with someone on Tinder or Grindr may be more likely than you think. You may also be at a friend’s kickback and serendipitously connect with someone who gets you all hot and bothered. Follow your body’s instincts rather than second-guessing them, Gem. And also know that’s it’s okay to be turned on one moment, and then decide otherwise the next. As long as you keep others in the loop about your evolving feels, sexual desires and yearnings, they’ll be grateful for the chance to connect with such a stimulating soul.

Once Aquarius Season begins the 20th, you’ll feel in your element again with the Sun in a fellow Air sign. Use the Aquarius New Moon on the 24th to really admit to yourself and your partner(s) what your most unconventional and uncommon sexual fantasies. Aquarius Season brings out your inner weirdo energy, and since it activates your sector of expansion and spirituality, you may meet or connect with someone within six months of the Aquarius New Moon who becomes your sexual soulmate. If you already met that person, get ready for a six-month sexual wonderland where you both speak the same sexual and spiritual language, and you’re constantly going on sexual adventures that leave you both fulfilled and screaming for more.