Gemini May

Gemini, your birthday month begins this month. It’s going to be an incredible season, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love, is in your sign until August. It goes retrograde this month, which will make your love life and relationships feel extra trippy. Mercury, your ruling planet, enters your sign this month too, so your season will feel like a superstar movie, even if you’re riding solo or mostly indoors.

Your imagination is profoundly activated by Taurus Season during the first three weeks of May, and this makes your interactions very exciting. You’re ready to let go of connections that aren’t as fulfilling. Your soulmates are seeking you and you’re seeking your soulmates. Already boo’d up? Get ready for your partner to feel more mesmerized by your magnetic sex appeal and flirtatious charisma. But you should also let your lover(s) know when you’re in a moody place. They don’t just want the bubbly version of you. They want the whole package, which includes your darker side.

The Scorpio Full Moon the 7th activates your sector of routine and service. The energy that you’ll be feeling as the month begins will feel quite foreign to you at first… It’s like you can feel everything at once, and there’s no way around it. Even if you read the entire day, text the entire day, or sleep the entire day, your emotions will be there, urging you to feel and accept them. This includes your longings, romantic, platonic, and sexual… You will notice them more intensely and you’ll be driven, intuitively, to go after whatever you feel is right for you in the moment. This isn’t the type of energy that everyone is used to, so it could be off-putting to whomever you’re involved with. But for other people, this spontaneous and in the moment vibe is everything they’ve been craving, and you should unleash it as much as possible. If you’re currently sexually involved with someone, making love during the days before and after the Scorpio Full Moon can feel like you’ve cast a spell and linked with your lover in out-of-this-world ways.

Retrograde season will take you down memory lane, especially since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be in your sign starting May 11th. There may be someone you had bomb sex with, either once or a countless number of times, and you may be wishing the connection was still ongoing. It may be possible for you to reconnect, but a part of you wants to take it much more seriously this time around, and you may be dealing with the consequences of them ghosting you or pushing you away because of the mind games you sometimes play.

Before immediately trying to get back into the race and get your sexual conquest, take time mid-month to evaluate what it is you want from your sex and love life, and why. Venus is currently in your sign, and it will begin its retrograde on the 13th. All of the romantic and sexual desires you previously suppressed will come to the surface of your life, and you’ll notice that there may have been times when you were being a masochist, and purposefully pushing away the person you were low-key obsessed with. Meanwhile, on their end they were getting the impression that you didn’t care about them or prioritize them. Venus in Gemini will provide you with the opportunity to backtrack and make things right.

Some Geminis may find that retrograde season makes them want to practice celibacy and take a break from pursuing sexual or romantic connections. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate this more introspective time, and Venus’ retrograde in particular may be the one you feel the most intensely since it’s taking place in your sign. Once your birthday season begins on the 20th, followed by your annual Gemini New Moon on the 22nd, you’ll be ready to morph into a new version of yourself when it comes to giving and receiving love.

You’re the sign that’s the most misunderstood. People often mistake your desire for exploration for fleeting shallowness. But when you’re in the zone, your sexual highs can last a lifetime, and when you’ve merged with the right person, you take them to the peaks of pleasure. If you’re ready to explore that type of intimacy this month, the combination of the Scorpio Full Moon, Retrograde Season, Venus in your sign, and your birthday season will provide you with ideal opportunities to deepen your sensations and explore your shadow side, either alone, with one partner, or with many. This is a month of redefining sexual wellness so that it’s not about having to make sacrifices or people-please, but so that it’s a win-win. You get your birthday cake, and everyone who’s meant for you wants to eat it off of you too.