Gemini November

Gemini, your ruler Mercury ends its final retrograde of 2020 this month, and while there will still be a shadow period up until November 19th, you’ll start to feel increasingly in your element as the month unfolds. The Scorpio New Moon on the 15th takes place two days after Mars, the Planet of Action, ends its retrograde in Aries. Your sector of health and wellness is activated by this Scorpio New Moon, and your sector of tech and social networks is activated by Mars’ shift direct. This means that sex with a friend or someone who you thought viewed you as a friend is a likelihood for you this month, even if it’s virtual sex. Now that your ruler Mercury is direct and increasingly leaving its shadow period, you’re likely to feel more confident sexually and emotionally. It’s a good time to let people know what’s up and stop any mind games you may have been playing as a way to protect your pride or ego. There are people who want you even if they’re trying their best not to. But they’re unsure of what you want, and they’re frustrated of waiting for you to figure it out. Use the ten days after the Scorpio New Moon (November 15 – 25) to figure it out for yourself first and foremost. Once you have clarity, strip off your clothes and your crush / partner’s clothes and make it clear to them exactly what your intentions are.

Chances are, the sex you have around the Scorpio New Moon will kickstart a six-month chapter in your life where you allow yourself to reveal just how vulnerable and sensitive you can be, especially when lovemaking. Even if you’ve been hurt or deceived before once you let your guard down, this year’s 2020 Ascension energy is teaching you that you can always begin again. You can always love again, crush again, flirt again and f*ck again. Once Sagittarius Season begins on the 21st, your sector of partnership and marriage will be activated, and if you’re riding solo you’ll open yourself up to new people to merge with, connect with, and mentally be in tune with.

Since you’re a sapiosexual, you’re attracted to people’s minds and intellects before even paying that much attention to their bodies, and it’s likely that the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini taking place on November 30th can lead to a fateful-like connection coming full circle. Someone you’ve been crushing on for most of the year may reveal to you that you’ve been on their mind non-stop, and it will feel like your wildest fantasies are coming true. If you make love around your annual eclipse, know that it will feel otherworldly and it may even make you want to share your bliss with the world — that’s how bomb the sex will be (even if it’s an orgasmic self-pleasure session).

Gemini, on the outside you look chill AF, but this month only the real will be able to relate to how activated you area by Scorpio and Sagittarius season. Your horniness levels are through the roof, and you’ll want someone who doesn’t mind being choked, handcuffed, bitten and told what to do. Another side of you will emerge this month, and only those daring enough to fully experience you will be able to make it to the other side, feeling fully revitalized and trembling with desire.