Gemini November

Welcome to November, Gemini. Taking care of yourself and listening to your body will be essential when it comes to preserving your emotional and sexual wellness. The Scorpio Sun activates your sector of work and self-care during the first three weeks of November, and this can make you feel a bit restless and sensitive in those areas of your life. How much have you been putting yourself first,  Gemini? Taking time to please yourself sexually instead of focusing on pleasing another person is key to your sexual liberation this month and beyond. If you’ve felt sexually frustrated recently, you’ll have to admit that to yourself and to your partner (s). Perhaps they have been distracted with other obligations, but you’re the type of person who can easily get bored, so it’s important for you to be honest if you’re not fully satisfied as the month begins. If you keep such feelings to yourself and you’re in a relationship, you may end up straying or doing something that you ’ll later regret. Don’t try to sugarcoat conversation topics that must be outwardly discussed. Put it all out in the open for the sake of preserving your sex life, and your relationship.

For single Gems, this month you’ll have to ask yourself if you’ve been using work as a distraction or a way to fill a sexual void. If that’s the case, try to cut back from any work-related activities after hours. Create boundaries and don’t take your work home with you. Also place limits on how much you’re on your phone,  mindlessly scrolling. Use the energy of Venus Retrograde to hit up an old fling that you may still have on your mind, or to intentionally connect with someone on social media. A few dates later, your connection can quickly turn into a steamy hook-up,  and your sex life will instantly heat up.

Luckily, the New Moon in Scorpio on November 7th helps breathe new life into your sexual adventures. You’ll be focused on getting or remaining in shape.  Working out, eating healthy, meditating, going to therapy, and spending time journaling or expressing your emotions in a safe space will help you feel more at peace within yourself. When you feel conflicted emotionally, it’s hard for you to focus on having great sex, because your thoughts and mind are always elsewhere.  But this New Moon and the ten days that follow it will be perfect for resetting your mind, body, and soul. By focusing on self-care and tending to your physical and spiritual needs, you’re setting yourself up for some invigorating and unforgettable sexual experiences, Gemini.

November 7 – 17th is, therefore, ideal days for engaging in sex sessions with someone who is equally focused on self-care and matches your vibration. As a  Gemini, you’re always focused on feeling like your partner(s) mirror your energy and compliment you. The Scorpio New Moon can bring that person into your life if they aren’t there already. And if they are, this New Moon will allow you to express to them how much they mean to you. They may be surprised at your displays of affection, and you may be a bit surprised too, but keeping it real is only going to make your lovemaking increasingly enjoyable.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Pisces on November 15, and the next day marks the end of Venus Retrograde. The second half of the month will, therefore, be more light-hearted and less emotionally intense for you. Since you’re the sign of  Twins, you’re known for going back and forth and changing your mind, so if you found yourself a bit too immersed in your emotions during the first two weeks of  November, you may decide to chill out and be a bit more detached around the middle of the month. Just make sure that it’s not because you’re sprung from the amazing sex you had around the Scorpio New Moon, and you’re running away from your true feelings, Gemini…

It may not be until Sagittarius Season begins on November 22, followed by your annual Full Moon in Gemini on November 23, that you truly understand how you feel about a special someone you’ve been having sex with (or longing to have sex with). The Sag Sun will activate your sector of love and marriage, meaning that even if you tried to play things cool, love and partnerships would be on your mind.  Plus, the energy of the Full Moon in your sign will lead to you having a romantic and sexual breakthrough as the month rounds out. A sexual fantasy that you’ve had for the past six months may finally come true. Someone (or even more than one person!) will make their move on you in a way that completely takes you by surprise, and you’ll really enjoy it. Just when you thought your sex life was getting predictable, it’s going to take you by surprise and keep you on your toes. Whether you engage in sexting, sensual foreplay on the phone, or fiery and steamy makeup sex, you’ll be completely re-energized by month’s end, and feeling ready to keep that energy going strong for the remainder of 2018 and beyond. Say yes to your freaky twin’s desires, this month, Gemini. Let that twin take the lead. It knows what it wants, and it’s time to go get it.