Gemini October

Gemini, this month is likely to throw you for a loop sexually and emotionally. That’s because Mercury, your planetary ruler, begins its three-week retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 13th, and you’ll also feel the pre-shadow period of this lunation as early as the beginning of the month. When combined with the fiery Aries Full Moon that activates your sector of tech and social networks, you may not be 100% sure of what or who you want, or why you want them. Your feelings of indecisiveness may therefore drive you wild at first this month — how about you find a way to activate that wilder side of you in the bedroom? Your current or potential lover(s) want you to be more aggressive in bed and to take the lead more often — Mercury in Scorpio invite you to explore your shadow side and get to know yourself and your lover(s) in deeply penetrating ways, physically and psychologically.

A game of “never have I ever” could turn into strip poker faster than you can say “tap out!” You may decide to play the silent game and simply mime what you want your lover to do to you, and vice versa. Mars in Aries encourages you to be more playful and adventurous as a partner, even if your ruler is in a more serious sign. But what happens when you’re unsure of what game to play, or who to play it with? You could end up in unnecessarily dramatic situationships this month if you’re not clear about your intentions or if you get caught up in little white lies. Why go from having several sexual suitors to being left on red and deemed a f*ckboy / f*ckgirl because of your actions? We don’t have time for all that, Gemini, so try to use Venus’ shift in Virgo at the end of the month to get clear with your own self about what you really want to experience sexually and romantically, and with who. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too.

If you’ve felt unsatisfied or bored in bed, the Libra New Moon on October 16th and the Taurus Full Moon on October 31st are two of the transits that could significantly shake things up. Mid-month, single Geminis could find themselves reconnecting with a long-lost connection, or they could meet someone digitally who leaves them feeling all hot and bothered. While the energy of Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo may be making you lean towards taking things slow, the Libra New Moon reminds us that all we have is the now moment, and if your body and soul are aligned in (re)connecting with someone who lights you up, then you should trust yourself and be fully fulfilled in the moment. The Taurus Full Moon at the end of the month can lead to you having some of the most memorable sex or sexts you’ve had this year, as your spirituality sector is lit up by this second full moon of October, and your libido will be at an all-time high. Whoever’s lucky enough to be touched or woo’d by you will feel like they’re living the ultimate fantasy.