Gemini October

Welcome to October, Gemini. This month is a blend of light-hearted, adventurous and fun energy in your sex life, and more serious, emotional and dark energy. This is due to the fact that it’s Libra Season for the first three weeks of the month, and then the Sun enters the ultra-sexy sign of Scorpio, leading to some of your sexual skeletons coming out of the closet. Venus, the Planet of Love, will have already been in Scorpio for several weeks, and it remains there all month long. The energy of Venus in Scorpio activates your health and wellness sector, Gemini, and this may lead to you seeking more monogamy and intimacy in your sex life than people may be used to. Even if many people come your way and give you attention this month, your desire for exclusivity and cuddle sessions with your one-and-only will outweigh your desire to play the field.

As a Gemini, you are a sign of twins though, so you may feel this way one day and completely different the next. That’s where the energy of Libra Season comes in. When the Sun is in Libra from October 1 – October 22 of this month, your sector of adventure and youthfulness is activated, and this can make you feel a complete contrast to the commitment-oriented vibes of Venus in Scorpio. Libra is a fellow Air sign like you, and it doesn’t like to take things too seriously or look too deeply into the future. So for single Geminis especially, while one twin may have their mind set on slowing things down and having sex with just one person, the other twin may be open to exploring several options, going on multiple dates with different partners, and harmlessly flirting your way to hooking up with them. This can leave you a bit confused when it comes to what you really want, Gemini.

On top of all this, Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio starting on October 5th, and when the Planet of Love backtracks in the cosmos, you may find yourself second-guessing your own intentions and living in a fantasy world. It’s essential that you don’t simply give your partner(s) what you think they want, or tell them what you think they want to hear… You should spend time on your own during Venus in Scorpio and figure out what would truly please you sexually. If you’ve been spreading yourself too thin at work, in your social life, and in your romantic life, it may be time to spend more time alone this month and evaluate what you need to be more balanced and less all over the place. You can indulge in sexual pleasure on your own just as much (if not better) than you do with someone else, so embrace masturbation and self-pleasure this month as much as you desire. This will deepen your connection with yourself, and once you feel more centered emotionally, it will also heighten your sexual bond with those you merge with.

Fortunately, the Libra New Moon on October 8th leads to a much-needed change of pace when it comes to the sometimes overwhelming energy of Venus in Scorpio. Once again, Libra will lighten up your mood and bring out your more spontaneous side. The ten days following a New Moon are perfect for morphing into a new version of yourself, with intentionality and optimism. If you’ve been having romantic or sexual fantasies but have kept them to yourself because you weren’t sure if your partner(s) would be down, you may feel motivated to speak your truth without holding back around this New Moon. You can start off by writing down your fantasies in a journal or sharing them with someone super close to you, like a non-judgmental best friend. You’re the sign of communication, so the worst thing you could do this month is keep your true sexual desires to yourself!

On October 23, the Sun shifts out of Libra and joins Venus, Jupiter and your ruler Mercury in the mysterious sign of Scorpio, intensifying your self-care sector. The last 8 days of the month will have you digging deeper in your sex life and making sure that you’re not connecting superficially with people. There’s a side of you that not many people are aware of Gemini, and that’s the side that’s constantly seeking your soulmate and other half. If you’re already in a relationship, Scorpio Season will help you get closer and more intimately involved with your partner. Take a break from technology at night, or if you must engage in it, watch a sexy movie with them as a form of foreplay, then turn off your phones and commit to making each other cum. If you’re single, dare to peel back the layers when conversing with people you’re dating or talking to. Dare to get vulnerable and naked, both literally and figuratively. Then watch how much your sex life explodes for the better.