Gemini September

Gemini, having your planetary ruler Mercury in Libra this month brings out an even more charming, flirtatious, romantic and fun-loving side of you as a lover and social being. It can also increase your feelings of indecisiveness, particularly since Mars, the Planet of Action, is retrograde in your sector of social networks. Take your time this month — don’t rush into sexual situations just because they seem available. The Universe has some plot twists in store for you, so pay attention to the signs and to the people who keep showing up in both your waking and sleeping world. This month, you may have the best sex while you’re dreaming of the one you love, and you may wake to find the one you love having had text you, or having dreamt of you too.

With your planetary ruler Mercury currently in Libra, your social, flirtatious, charming and intellectual side is leading the way and inviting others to come play. Gemini, you are the sign of communication, which means that out of all the zodiac signs, you’re the best at oral. This month, whoever is the recipient of your oral pleasures may be left in tears by how good it is. Since Mars is retrograde, you’ll find yourself consciously slowing down and not rushing straight into sex. You’ll take your time with foreplay, kissing your partner’s body from their third eye area (a super sensitive and spiritually activating area that exists in between both of their eyebrows), to their inner thigh. Caressing their collarbone as you bring their hands between your own legs. Continuing to kiss them all over their chest in a feather-like way, making them moan your name as you further entice them. And once your lips get to their most erogenous zone, they won’t want you to go anywhere else. The type of oral you give is the type that exists in most people’s fantasies. You’re truly a gem, and this month you’ll make that clear to anyone lucky enough to bask in your magnetic energy.

Next month your ruler Mercury will begin its retrograde in Scorpio, so if there’s something a bit risky you’ve been wanting to try in bed, or say to your lover(s), use the Virgo New Moon’s energy on the 17th to get things off your chest, and perhaps also invite your lover(s) into your bed. Even if you’re connecting virtually, the sexual tension will be undeniable. You’ll send each other videos that you’ll play over and over again in a loop. You may spend hours of video chatting, teasing each other and revealing long-time secrets to each other. You’re in the mood for both intellectual and physical stimulation, and the final half of September gifts you the opportunity to set clear intentions about what it looks like to feel that consistently, joyfully, uninhibitedly, and with profound passion and excitement. Commitment can be sexy, and it can be yours in a myriad of ways if you surrender to the love within and around you. Your Twins will thank you.