gemini september

Welcome to September, Gemini. The Sun will be in Virgo the first 22 days of the month, and although both you and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, the Planet of Communication, that’s about the only similarity you share. So you’ll be feeling a bit disoriented sexually during the first three weeks of September, because the Virgo energy is all about selectivity, organization and commitment, while you are all about freedom, spontaneity and adventure. Sexually speaking, you may find that your partner(s) demand more of you than you’re willing to give. They may want to know where you are at any moment of the day, or what’s on your mind. You’ll simply be in the mood to have sex and that’s that, but it won’t be that simple. Luckily, since the post-shadow period of Mercury Retrograde will start to wane around early September, you’ll have no problem communicating with your partners if you need some space or alone time. You absolutely hate when people become too clingy or possessive, no matter how good the sex is. So speak your truth and let them know that you need space to just do you, and they’ll get the memo. The more people give you breathing room, the more likely you are to flutter your way back into their lives (and beds).

Luckily, the Virgo New Moon on September 9, combined with the entrance of Venus, the Planet of Love, into sexy Scorpio that same day, will create a major shift in your sexual energy. This New Moon takes place in your domestic sector, and Venus in Scorpio will highlight your health and wellness sector. Just when you thought you couldn’t care less about the mushy-gushy aspects of life, you may find yourself doing a typical Gemini double-take and changing your mind about it altogether. See, you don’t mind talking about commitment and more intimate conversations — you simply want to be the one to decide when to bring up the conversation, and you don’t want it imposed on you. This New Moon will turn you on to people who have stuck by your side through thick and thin, rather than those who are sometimes there, sometimes not. Emotional security will matter a lot to you with this Virgo New Moon — you want to know that you can trust your sexual partner(s), and that you can open up to them about any personal matters you may be going through. As an Air sign, your mental health is particularly important and has a direct effect on your sexual health. So if you’ve been keeping major life changes all to yourself, this New Moon will be the catalyst for you to let it all out.

Venus in Scorpio will help you get in touch with your more emotional side, Gemini. The energy of Venus in sensual Scorpio will be impossible to resist. You may find yourself having fantasies or daydreams about a crush, a friend, or significant other. Your own personal insecurities or jealousies may pop up around this time. As much as you act super chill, you sometimes wonder if those you’re sexually attuned with are keeping it real with you or if their eyes are wandering. Don’t jump to any conclusions or make any assumptions, but definitely trust your gut instinct if you feel the urge to ask them about it. But ultimately, Venus in Scorpio will help you be more honest about your own emotions instead of projecting things onto your partner. As a Gemini, you’re infinitely more complex than most people can even begin to imagine, but that’s also what lures people into your mysterious world. The equally mysterious vibes of Venus in Scorpio will have you feeling more sentimental and lovey-dovey than you did the first few days of September.

Once Libra Season begins on September 22, the Sun will be back in a fellow Air sign, and you’ll start to feel like yourself again. Hello, flirtatious, carefree, charming-as-can-be, Gemini! This is the time to say yes to social outings if you’re single, and go out on the town with bae if you’re in a relationship. Your fate and true love sector will be activated by the Libra Sun, so you’ll be more magnetic, outgoing and irresistible than you’ve been all month long. You won’t have any problem letting your sexual urges take the lead in your life, and you won’t want to be bogged down by too many emotions during Libra Season. “Go with the flow” will be your mantra the last 8 days of the month, and you’ll attract equally adventurous sexual suitors along the way.