Gemini July

Welcome to July, Gemini! Your ruling planet Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th of this month, and it’s activating your security and communication sectors. It’s especially important for you to heal past wounds in relationships and express what you’re feeling to your current or past lover(s). Sex during mercury retrograde can be a bit messier than usual because you’ll be feeling a bit more reckless than usual. While that may lead to innovative sexual positions, it can also lead to you leading people on or being unsure about what you want. Use the Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 2nd to set intentions about what you’d like your sex life to feel and look like these next 6 months. This is the first Total Solar Eclipse since 2017, so if you have sex around this time you shouldn’t at all take it lightly… The person or people you merge with are likely to have an intoxicating effect on you for months to come.

Venus enters Cancer on the 3rd and remains there for most of the month. People will be dying to get inside your head and your bed under this transit, and you may surprise yourself by how mushy gushy the Cancer energy makes you. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, has been in your spirituality sector for the past few months, and this has actually made you evolve at a faster rate than ever. This means your sex life and relationships are evolving too, Gemini. This month you’ll be ultra-selective with whom you merge and associate yourself with. If your current levels of evolution are aligned, then the sexual connection will be otherworldly. But if you don’t feel as spiritually and sexually connected with your sexual partner, you’ll find yourself having to implement changes, particularly around the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn. Because the energy will be potent, you’ll be able to let go of past disappointments and focus on how to show up as the best version of yourself.

Things start getting more steamy on the 22nd when the Sun enters Leo and activates your communication sector for four weeks. Life is about balance and duality, so you may finally be ready to let your social and more carefree side emerge once again during Leo Season. If you’re single, definitely go out on dates, mingle, meet new people and don’t take life too seriously. Even if eclipse season shook up your world, realize that life is a cycle and there are so many fish in the sea to chill with. You can still be selective and also manifest someone who’s aligned with where you are vibrationally and sexually.

This very much may happen around July 27th, when Venus enters Leo for several weeks. All of a sudden you’ll better be able to discuss what you want, who you’re attracted to, and what turns you on. You’ll follow through with action and leave your partner(s) craving your touch. You’re on fire, Gemini! Leo Season, and the Leo New Moon on the 31st, also has the potential to reignite flames within an existing or past relationship. Just when you thought things were over and you had to move on, you may realize that you both really are attracted to each other, and there’s no need to make life more complicated than that. Let the attraction speak to you, and if your bodies merge, focus on what it means in the moment, rather than what it will mean later. Your ruler Mercury will go direct on the 31st, ending a 3-week retrograde and helping you be more attuned to your partner’s sexual and emotional desires. End the month with a light-hearted yet honest conversation that leads to a powerful sexual experience that leaves you in awe.