Gemini March

Happy March, Gemini! It’s Pisces Season for the first 3 weeks of the month, which means your reputation and career sector is being activated. It’s very likely that you’ll make or deepen a connection at work that will lead to incredibly adventurous, and sometimes risqué sex. This is the case no matter your relationship status, but if you’re in a relationship you’ll be more open to discussing any crushes you have with your partner. This is a new world, because Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is shifting into Taurus on March 6, and it’s helping you learn how to stop hiding your truth in order to make others comfortable. It’s also quite possible that you’ll feel deeply committed to your partner if you’re already boo’d up though — but just be prepared and open to feeling attraction to humans outside of your relationship. This is a very normal and human thing, but society has taught us to repress it for centuries, and that’s what causes the most issues in the relationship. This is the month where you can break cycles of hurt and trauma, simply by showing up authentically and as you are.

Mercury, your planetary ruler, begins its first retrograde of 2019 on March 5, and remains retrograde until March 28. This is something to keep in mind as you focus on speaking your mind and being more clear in relationships. There’s a part of you that may need to reflect, review, re-do, realize, release… basically, anything that has to do with the prefix “re” is the main theme of Mercury retrograde. Even if you think you know what’s going on in your sex life, there may be some twists and turns that catch you off guard. Try not to react impulsively. Be more of an observer rather than a reactor… Also, pay attention to who pops in your dreams because the Pisces energy can be sending you signs and omens through subconscious ways. You may also be having incredible sex in your dreams, perhaps with a current or past partner. This may be a premonition that someone will pop back up into your life during the retrograde. Be open to what happens if/when they do… Most importantly, try to focus on nurturing existing love and sex bonds during Mercury Retrograde rather than starting anything new. Be prepared for people that you may have triggered sexually or emotionally to pop back into your life, seeking closure. Or vice-versa. This is a month of profound sexual healing and re-awakening. You’re re-inventing yourself as a lover.

The Pisces New Moon takes place on the 6th and its energy will be felt until the 16th, so use those dates to set intentions about what your ideal sex life looks and feels like. While Pisces energy is known for being soft and sensitive, there’s also a darker, more shadow side that exists and needs to be equally embraced. So as you visualize, let your kinkiest thoughts come to the surface of your mind, and if you feel ready, share them with your partner(s) and even try them out together. They’ll be turned on by your honesty and transparency, and ideally, they’ll show you the same in return. The retrograde could make some sex positions kind of awkward and hilarious to try out, but that’s all part of the fun and it’ll ultimately make you and your partner feel more uninhibited with each other.

By the time Aries Season begins on the 20th, your sector of tech and social networks is activated, and this will spice up your sex life in more ways than one. You could end up at a party casually chillin’ with new and old friends, and you may end up in a threesome (or being invited into a menage à trois by the end of the night). There’s no need to say yes to every wild request that comes your way, Gemini. Make sure you’re following your body’s natural sexual urges and not being peer pressured into anything. But if you’re down for exploration and breaking taboos, then by all means go for it! You’re the sign of exploration, and while you can drive people crazy with your ability to take things lightly, it’s also very intriguing and exciting to them, and they may be turned on by you taking the lead and enticing them to try new things. Aries Season unleashes a much more horny and impulsive side to you, so you may end up flirting and hooking up with people without giving it much thought. As long as you keep in mind that your ruling planet is retrograde and that other people’s feelings may run deeper than you realize, there’s no harm in having a more free-spirited attitude towards sex as the month comes to an end. It’ll be contagious!