Gemini May

Your birthday season starts on the 21st of this month, Gemini, which means birthday sex is potentially just around the corner and you’re about to be the center of attention. But before the celebrations begin, the Sun remains in Taurus for the first three weeks, and Venus remains in fiery Aries for the first two weeks of May. This means your more light-hearted and flirtatious side is coming out sexually and emotionally between May 1st and 15th, and while this may be fun and exciting for you, it may also confuse your partner(s), so try to be as honest and communicative about what you want from sex and love as possible.

Gemini, you’re someone who’s deeply stimulated and turned on by people’s intellect. Even if someone’s hot AF, if they can’t hold a conversation or expand your curiosity, it’s dead. Keep that in mind during the first half of the month because people will be swirling around you, giving you attention and boosting your ego. But how much is your libido really activated? Don’t have sex just because it’s available. Have it because you truly want it and it feels right. Anything less is not worth your time.

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th of May activates your healing and spirituality sector. This is a great time to try tantric sex with your lover(s), and really slow your roll and take your time to turn them on. Most importantly, take time to turn yourself on, Gemini. You’re often pleasing others before you take time to truly get to know what you want. That’s because as the sign of twins, you often feel like you’re a little bit of everything, and you want a little bit of everything. Who you are is constantly changing, and it can make it hard to express yourself. Between May 4th and 14th, plant seeds that allow you to deepen your spiritual connection to sex. Use the Taurus New Moon to ground yourself in the present moment when making love. Avoid getting lost in your own thoughts or thinking about performance. Just be here now and watch what happens…

With Mars, the Planet of Action, in your sign until mid-May, your ability to tune into how to make your sex life a thrilling experience is enhanced. Trust your body when it wants to try a new kinky move — ask for consent and if it’s a yes, dive in head first. You are known as the communicator of the zodiac, and this month in particular your partners will find it incredibly sexy for you to clearly tell them what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how hard you want it. Get as naughty, detailed and vivid as possible with your descriptions. Pretend that your sex life is an erotica novel. Mars in your sign is helping the wilder and more carefree side of you come out. The only danger is if it’s unrestrained and you direct your flirtatious nature towards anyone. This can lead to you being overwhelmed with attention, yet lacking true depth or substance.

Luckily, the Scorpio Full Moon the 18th will bring a huge wave of passionate energy into your love and sex life. Your more intimate and vulnerable side may emerge sometime between May 14th and 22nd, which is when the Full Moon energy will be most intensely felt. Get ready for sex to feel so much more sensual and otherworldly than usual. Even Geminis who were trying to keep things light and casual may find themselves completely enamored with their romantic partners or sex buddies during the second half of the month. This is also the case because Mars, the Planet of Action, will have had shifted out of your sign on the 15th and entered sensitive Cancer, and Venus, Planet of Love, will have shifted into Taurus, the sign that it rules. Get ready to feel much more profoundly tied to your lover(s), whether you want to or not.

The second half of May will have you daydreaming about your romantic and sexual fantasies. Once your birthday season begins on the 21st of May, it’s important that you don’t let your fantasies just be daydreams. Take time to shoot your shot with the Sun in your sign, making you the celestial favorite as the month ends and throughout most of Jue. Make the most of this electric energy and enjoy connecting with partners both light-heartedly and compassionately. Be here, right now, and you’ll take both yourself and your lover to the stratosphere. Orgasmic magic happens when you don’t run away from or deny your true desires, longings and feelings.