Gemini January

Welcome to 2019, Gemini! This January you’ll be navigating intense sexual desires that are begging to be fulfilled. Venus, the Planet of Love, begins the month in the sultry sign of Scorpio, activating your health and wellness sectors. You’ll be thinking of times when you may have been sexually reckless in 2018, and a part of you will want to make necessary adjustments so that you can have a liberating sex life this year. The focus this month when it comes to sexual partners should be on quality rather than quantity. It’s more important to take time to cultivate meaningful sexual relations rather than spending your time trying to woo or flirt with just anyone.

The first eclipse of the month takes place on the 5th in the grounded sign of Capricorn, and it activates your intimacy and sexuality sector. This Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon, meaning that from the 5th to the 15th of January you’ll have the opportunity to plant seeds and intentions that will help you manifest soul-stirring sex this month and beyond. How exactly do you succeed in doing so? You must let yourself be present and vulnerable with those you love or are attracted to. Avoid playing mind games with people, including significant others or crushes. If you’re into them, use the serious energy of Capricorn planets to be more forthright and honest about your sexual and emotional needs. Believe it or not, people view vulnerability as super sexy, so the more transparent you can be, the better your sex life becomes because people will want to open up to you literally and figuratively.

Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into Sagittarius on the 7th, and remains there for several weeks. You’ll be feeling more social and extraverted with Venus in Sag, especially since it takes place in your partnership sector. Once the energy of the Capricorn eclipse starts to tame, your more flirtatious, adventurous, and light-hearted side re-emerges, and this can make you quite the charmer. You’ll be in the mood to explore your options (and sexual positions), and not feel limited by a certain person. If you’re in a relationship, use the energy of Venus in Sag to do more group dates and spice things up both in your social and love life. You won’t feel like doing the same old, same old date night routine during Venus in Sag. You’ll be interested in having sex spontaneously — perhaps in the bathroom cabin of an airplane, or in the passenger seat of your car during a drive-in movie. The riskier, the better.

Mars, the Planet of Action, will be in Aries all month long, activating your friendship sector. Some Geminis may end up in a friends-with-benefits situation, especially around January 20 once the Sun enters Capricorn for four weeks. You’ll be desiring sexual relationships that aren’t too heavy or intense, and that may mean hooking up with someone you can be yourself with. Just watch out, because the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo takes place the 21st, and this can lead to really passionate, obsessive and possessive emotions emerging in your sexual relationships. Either you or someone you’re sexually involved with may do something really unexpected, such as being emotionally manipulative in order to meet their sexual needs. If you find yourself acting in this way, take some time to yourself and please yourself sexually first and foremost. You’re the type of sign that loves to feel connected to others, but the month will end by making it clear that once you’ve showered yourself with love and sexual pleasure first and foremost, you show others how they can do the same for you.

All month long, you’ll also feel the influence of Uranus, the Planet of Change, going direct in Aries. If you’ve been wanting to explore sexual relationships with more than one person (and be safe while doing so, of course), Uranus’ shift may encourage you to pursue this desires more strongly. The opposite may be true too — since Uranus is the Planet of Surprise, you may find yourself seeking celibacy or practicing abstinence. This may at first completely catch people with whom you are sexually involved by surprise, but you’re just taking time to experiment what your sexual desires and longings are (and aren’t) in the present moment, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed by them or try to hide it. Aquarius Season will encourage you to let your sexual freak flag fly unapologetically this month and beyond.