Leo April

Ever since your Leo Full Moon that took place in February, you’ve been awaiting more fiery energy in the cosmos, and luckily April 2020 can bring that your way, Leo. With it being Aries season until the 19th, you’ll feel the confident flames of adventure and desire coursing through you — and it will be noticeable to your many admirers and/or current partner(s) too. Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into Gemini on the 3rd, making you more susceptible to falling for people’s charming words and actions this month — the question is, how much of it is real, and how much of it is a mind game?

This Aries Season, it may be tempting to get sucked into the world of seeing how many people you can draw to you, particularly if you haven’t had as much physical attention or pleasure from others as you would want. But beware that you’re one of the most passionate and tantalising signs of the zodiac, and you should use those powers wisely, or else you may end up attracting an extreme admirer who gets butt hurt when they realize feelings aren’t necessarily reciprocal.

The Libra Full Moon on April 7th activates your sector of communication, and brings out one of the most romantic and loving sides of you. You may be feeling like you’re in la la land, and your dreams and fantasies will be out of this world. A softer, more intimate and heart-centered side of you emerges under this lunation, Leo, which you’ll feel as early as April 1st and as late as April 15th, making the first two weeks of April some of the best times to indulge in love-making,casual flirtations, and exchange heartfelt love notes or love letters to your secret or not-so-secret admirer(s).

People will see you, and want you, in a completely new light with this Libra energy. Those who were previously too intimidated by you, or unsure of where you stood with them, will have the courage to ask you out on dates or reveal their true desires to you. Just know that with Venus still in Gemini, there may be a wishy-washy element to what they say. They may think they want you now, but are they fully prepared for the whole package? Don’t be afraid to let them know to be careful what they ask for. Your passionate flames are craved in the bedroom, but can they provide you with the screaming O’s you deserve and intensely crave? You be the judge…

Mars, the Planet of Action, spends all month in Aquarius, and this activates your sector of marriage and relationships, making sex and partnerships a main topic of conversation with yourself and with others. Your more quirky, daring and unconventional side comes out at this time,making you more open to connecting with people virtually, teasing them with thirst traps and sexy IG captions, and perhaps even being tempted to create a secret sexual account that special humans get access to. Hehehe. Your mischievous side emerges with Mars in Aquarius, Leo, and people will be more drawn to your sultry energy than ever. Be very careful who you direct Cupid’s arrow towards, because they may end up caught under your spell for longer than you expected…

Once the Sun enters Taurus the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon the 22nd, your more stubborn or fixed sign may emerge, and your levels of horniness may suddenly increase as well. You may have had your fun with connecting with several people or discovering new aspects of your current partner’s sexual fantasies. Taurus Season brings out a side of you that craves commitment and passion more than ever, so you’ll want to be serenaded at this time, and you’ll want to feel like the world revolves around you, particularly in bed. Self-pleasure, with or without toys, will be one way to indulge in centering yourself more sexually, and you’re likely to reach new peaks of orgasmic bliss as a result of this grounded and deep Taurean energy. Explosive stuff.

A more private, reserved and self-aware side of you emerges around April 25th, when Pluto, the Planet of Transformation, begins its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn, activating your sector of health and routine. This would be a great time for a health and sex check-up with your doctor, making sure that your body is in the best sexual health, and easing any anxieties you may have regarding what your body needs to feel most comfortable and present when connecting with someone else. Take care of what you consume too, and stay as hydrated as you can this month, Leo, particularly during Aries Season when the flames of lust and passion run high.

Leo, you’ll end the month aware that nothing about your relationship with yourself and others is quite the same. This is particularly true because Saturn, the Teacher Planet, has now shifted into Aquarius too, and is also causing uproars in your partnership and marriage sector.There’s a lot to be learned this month, including making sure you’re not equating your personal worth with how many people swipe right on you, or how many people request your nudes. You’re not as shallow as people make you out to be, but you do rely on outside support and validation more than you may want to admit. Saturn is here to teach you just how sexy and magnetic you are. Sex sessions are likely to be out of this world this month, as you look within as your main source of pleasure and bliss. That doesn’t mean you have to push others away, but you’ll put your needs first and show them how, how often, and to what pleasurable extent it’s done.