Leo August

Your birthday season has been one for the books, Leo, and it’s just getting started. Not only is the Sun in your sign until the 22nd, but Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, is in Aries and you’re increasingly coming alive more and more each day. What will you do with this heightened passion and sensitivity to life? Who will you direct it to? Yourself, first and foremost, of course! Cancer Season’s vibes activated your spirituality and healing sector, so it’s likely that now that the Sun’s in your sign and you’re the cosmic favorite, your sex life during the first three weeks of August will be focused on self-pleasuring, self-pampering, and purging of outdated connections or past soul ties.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd will be felt throughout the first two weeks of August, and since it activated your partnership sector, it’s helping you let go of situationships that may have been sexually exciting, but emotionally constraining. Leo Season has you wanting to shine effortlessly and let yourself be loved on without limitation. If your current or past partner(s) haven’t hyped you up in bed, or real life, or you’re left feeling like “?!?!?!”, then chances are that they won’t make the cut for the second half of August — the Aquarius Full Moon may lead to you having bomb break-up sex, or deciding to take a break from sex with them altogether until you feel like the sparks are back and better than ever. You’re not settling for anything or anyone less, and you’d rather ride solo than compromise on having your needs met. Big Lion(ness) energy.

With Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, beginning its retrograde on the 15th in your career and reputation sector, single Leos may find that they are drawn to their current or past work bae, or meet someone at a work-related event, who leaves them profoundly turned on. Sparks could fly pretty quickly, particularly around the Leo New Moon on the 18th, where your own Leo rays will be shining at an all-time high. Focus on quality over quantity, Leo. Say no to dates or sexual propositions that may seem fun in the moment, but that would leave you feeling drained or unfulfilled afterwards. The Leo New Moon is a great time to set intentions that help you tap into the ideal energy and vibration you feel when you know you’re ready to have mind-blowing sex with someone. Really tap into when you get butterflies, goosebumps, or find that all you can think about is pressing your mouth against someone else’s. The more you tap into the great vibrations of what your ideal sex life feels like, the more you attract it to you.

Once Virgo Season begins the 22nd, your sector of security and abundance is activated, and you’ll find yourself being even more selective and choosy when it comes to who you share your space and energy with. Some Leos may decide to take a break from sex during Virgo Season and focus on self-pleasure. Film an erotic movie with yourself, buy yourself sexy lingerie, walk around your home naked, invest in silky new sheets… Virgo Season wants you to feel lush and abundant, and as you cultivate that feeling within, your sexual aura naturally attracts the lover(s) and connections that can sustain that energy externally too. Don’t feel bad for taking the time you need to get your mind, body and soul aligned before letting someone into your portal or sexual space. This is the best offering you can gift yourself and your lover(s). Slow your roll and enjoy the gradual build-up of receiving consistent orgasms of your dreams.