Leo December

Leo, you may have recently ended a situationship or friends with benefit type dynamic, or alternatively, that connection may have morphed into something more serious in the recent weeks (or you’re seeking for it to now). You may begin the month of December in a spirit of uncertainty, questioning if you’ve cockblocked your own self by daring to ask for what you really want rather than settle for what seems to be available. The answer is no, my love. By getting clear about what you want and don’t want — even if the sex is bomb — you’re making room to receive that, or better.

December 2020 is the month of unexpected blessings and surprises, Leo. The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 14th helps bring out a kinky, adventurous, very versatile side of you in bed, and your current or prospective partners will be living for it. The fact that Chiron ends its retrograde in Aries on the 15th serves to boost your sex drive by helping you move on from past blockages that may have led to you not being as present as you could be when connecting with other humans. Don’t be surprised if mid-month your preferred form of foreplay starts off with you and your lover(s) letting each other know what your current insecurities or fears are. You won’t necessarily have to be all dramatic about it either — with it still being Sag Season and there being a Sag eclipse on the 14th, humor and light-heartedness is the best way to get you out of your clothes. You’ve taken yourself and life way too seriously this year, and this is the month where you realize that you’re able to attract more of who and what you want when you let go of the need to have it in the first place.

Once Venus enters Sag, the energy of the eclipse intensifies, and you may find yourself feeling more hot and bothered on the daily, Leo. The more you resist feelings of horniness, the stronger they’ll become. Sex in the boardroom. Sex in the bathroom. Sex in any room. Sex. It’ll be on your mind, and oozing from your pores, so make a vow to yourself to find an outlet for all that eroticism, whether that means nightly self-pleasure sessions, hilarious sext exchanges accompanied with jaw-dropping photos (a Leo knows how to make their bae want to drop everything and risk it all that very moment with a single picture), or detailed paragraphs with vivid imagery of how you’d like to be f*cked, the fact that Mercury will also be in Sagittarius means that you won’t be able to keep your sexual fantasies and freaky imaginings to yourself. That’s a good thing, because it makes you seem less intimidating and more approachable, so even if you’re riding solo this holiday season, the right matches could slide into your DMs and keep you company in any way you so choose…

Let go of the status quo or of the need to appear like a certain type of sexual being, Leo. Eclipse season shakes up the game, so even if you thought you would take a break from sex but then all of a sudden you desire to have it, you should let yourself indulge in that desire. The same goes for if you were on a sexual rollercoaster and all of a sudden you’d like for it to come to an abrupt stop. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for when your mind changes, and the Gemini and Sag eclipses that dominated the cosmos are actually encouraging you to be in tune enough with yourself to know what your body, mind and soul wants. Alignment is key. If it feels right and you feel a full-body yes, then go for it. But if there are signs of hesitation or doubt, take your time. The right lover(s) won’t be offended by it — they’ll actually be even more turned on by your assertiveness and your ability to express your needs in real time. And you’ll most likely be turned on by how turned on they are, and a cycle of mutual attraction can lead to a thrilling merging sesh by the time the Cancer Full Moon takes place on the 29th, leaving you both shook and sexually fulfilled.