Leo December

Sagittarius Season is one of the best times of the year for you, Leo, especially when it comes to sex and relationships. That’s because your sector of adventure, true love and youthfulness is activated by the Sag Sun, allowing you to break free from any limitations you previously placed on your sexual exploration. Your more uninhibited and free-spirited side will emerge during the first three weeks of December, and it’s going to take the world by storm. You’re already known as the center of attention, but you’ll be even more so this month, and all eyes will be on you at all holiday parties and gatherings you go to. If you’ve been looking for people who can handle your sexual stamina and passion, you’re likely to find it this month with Venus currently in Scorpio, the sex sign of the zodiac. But just make sure that those you flirt with and merge with understand that there’s more to you than meets the eye… From the outside they may think that you’re only interested in the physical aspect of the relationship, when in reality the energy of Venus in Scorpio will have you seeking to peel back the layers and see straight into their soul.

The New Moon in Sag on the 7th of December will help lighten up the intensity of Venus in Scorpio, and it’ll encourage you not to take yourself or others too seriously as the month unfurls. Mercury Retrograde ends on the 6th, so any mixed messages you may have gotten from your sexual partner(s) will start to ease up, and you’ll finally have a clearer idea about how someone feels about you, and not only in terms of sexual attraction. Don’t be surprised if people end up asking you to divulge what’s going on in your mind when you’re in bed with them… There’s an element of secrecy that you may emanate this month, and it’ll both turn others on and slightly infuriate them. As soon as they think they have you figured out, you’ll show them another side to you. This is the case even if you’re in a committed, long-term relationship. The Sag New Moon will emphasize your chameleon-like nature. You may be a fixed sign, Leo, but when you crave change and stimulation, there’s no limits to what you’ll do to get it. That means that if you’ve been in a sexual relationship that felt subpar, you won’t settle for it. You’ll take the lead and let them know what you want. You may even have to show them what you want. But you’ll be glad you did. Your sexual satisfaction is not something that you play around with.

One thing to watch out for this month is leading people on, particularly with Mars, the Planet of Action, being in the whimsical sign of Pisces all month long. This will increase your more lackadaisical nature, and you may find it hard to stick to the tried and true, especially in bed. You’ll be in the mood for surprises, and you’ll want your partner to read your mind and know what to do to please you. You may attract someone with such intuitive abilities, if you don’t yet already have that person. But if your sexual partner falls short of your expectations, don’t let your disappointment kill the vibe. Chances are, they’ll end up surprising you with a few tricks up their sleeve, but you won’t really get in the groove of things until Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, followed by the Cancer Full Moon on the 22nd. This Full Moon may make you realize that you were trying to control your love and sex life a bit too much, and this may have led to you creating impossible standards that hardly anyone, including yourself, could meet. Once you have that wake-up call, you’ll be al to laugh at yourself and make both yourself and your sexual partner(s) feel more comfortable.

If you didn’t know already, there’s an aura about you that can be quite intimidating, Leo. But the Cancer Moon takes place in your spirituality and healing sector, so by the end of the month you’ll be feeling much more private, introspective and profound than the weeks earlier, and this will make you crave the type of soul-stirring sex that makes you cry. Yes, that deeply sensitive side of you does exist, even though you only show it to people who deserve to see you at your most vulnerable. Once you’ve blown off steam and let your wild side take over the first three weeks of the month during Sag Season, you’ll find yourself seeking discussions of commitment and romantic dates as a form of foreplay. If someone can woo you and make you feel like the center of their Universe, you’ll reward them by treating them to the most magical sexual experiences they could ever dream of.