Leo February

This month is all about you and your sexual and personal liberation, Leo. Your annual Full Moon takes place on February 9th, and you’ll feel the effects of its arrival as soon as the month begins. Think back to where you were in life six months ago, on July 31st, 2019, during the Leo New Moon. How did your connections make you feel? Was the sex bomb? Did the conversation turn you on? Whatever intentions you set back then regarding how much sex you want, how often you want it, and who you want it with are likely to unfold this month. This Full Moon is refreshing because it’s not a lunar eclipse, and this allows you to be more clear, direct and spontaneous with those you love. Do you want to give or receive incredible head in a sensual location? Then text your lover and let them know. all Moon sex hits different, especially when it takes place in your sign.

The first two weeks of the month are likely to be the steamiest for you, so take advantage of the palpable eroticism in the air, which is amplified by Mercury’s shift into Pisces at the start of the month. Mars, the Planet of Action, will remain in Sag until the 16th, and this allows you to not overthink your crushes or sexual connections. You’ll be in the mood to explore new positions, perhaps while traveling or with someone from a different country or culture than you. Making love to someone who speaks to you in a different language or cooks you delicious meals you’ve never had before hits different.

It’s Aquarius Season, meaning your partnership sector is activated, Leo. You’re attracted to people who are unusual and who may even be completely different than your usual type. You won’t want to stick to standard monogamy or even doggy style — you’ll be ready to step out of your comfort zone and expand your limitations. Just make sure you’re doing so with a partner who’s equally adventurous and as much of a daredevil, or else you’ll end up feeling unsatisfied.

Mercury retrograde starts mid-month, and it activates your sector of depth and intimacy. When people connect with you sexually, they often focus on the physical aspect because your energy is so powerful and all-consuming. However Mercury Retrograde will activate a more soulful side to you as a lover, and it will be evident in everything you do and every soul with whom you engage. Even if you look calm and serene on the outside, prepare for your levels of horniness and your sex drive to be through the roof. Make sure that the retrograde isn’t causing you to hit up bae just because you’re bored or lonely, though. There may be serendipitous reconnections that occur though, such as your lover from years ago resurfacing in your favorite coffee shop or bookstore, or suddenly reconnecting with you via social media. Take your time and process whatever emotions come up before making decisions, but know that it feels right, there may be a deeper reason that they’re back in your life.

Mars, the Planet of Action, enters Capricorn on the same day as the eclipse, activating your sector of health and service. For single Leos, it may be tempting for you to use work as a way to escape your desire for connection. Make sure that you’re not letting your pride push away potential sexual and romantic prospects. Someone may be trying to shoot their shot at work for example — let them be your work bae if you’ve been getting butterflies and dreaming of making out in the supply room. Life is meant to be lived, not picked apart.

Even though Mars in Capricorn has more practical and secure energy to it, Venus’ position in Aries this month is encouraging us to focus on the best-case scenario and live in the present moment, where anything, and any f*ck, is possible. So why limit yourself if the opportunity presents itself and you feel like the energy and urge is respected and reciprocated? Live your best life, Leo — have fun blending business and pleasure if the situation presents itself. We’re all adults here. Just make sure to over-communicate since Mercury will be retrograde during this time. That won’t stop you from having fulfilling sex, though, so immerse yourself in the full-body sensation your full moon month is blessing you with.