Leo January

Leo, this January 2020 you’ll find yourself ready to have some of the most mindblowing sexual and emotional experiences of the past six months. The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on the 10th activates your sector of spirituality and healing, and the full moon takes place on the same day that Uranus, Planet of Revolution and Surprise, ends its five-month retrograde in the sign of Taurus. This retrograde was activating your sector of reputation and social status, and chances are that you may have felt misunderstood in those realms of your life these past few months, and that may have made you close yourself off to fully feeling liberated in your most intimate connections.

In the previous decade, you may have been so focused on feeling in control in your career that you put love, sex and intimacy on the back burner. This month’s eclipse is telling you that enough is enough — work-life balance is something that seems impossible to achieve, and perhaps it is, but as as sign of extremes you should avoid using sex as a reward or something that you must earn. People are in love with you, Leo. That’s nothing new.

You don’t have to reciprocate the love for every single one of your admirers, but if your heart and body feels drawn towards someone (or multiple people) in general, then take time with Mars being in Sag to explore what that connection could morph into. It’s a great time to go on a impromptu trip or adventure with friends, no matter if you’re single, already boo’d up, or looking to meet new people. Sex and travel go hand and hand for you this month, and the more you step out of your comfort zone, the more your lover(s) or potential sex partner(s) will want to sexually comfort your most erogenous zones, if you know what I mean…

Once Aquarius Season kicks off on the 19th, your sector of marriage and partnership is activated for four weeks. You’ll be drawn to out-of-the-box sexual scenarios and propositions. You may fall for an older person, or for someone who thinks you’re completely out of their league. You’re more likely to be drawn to your partner’s intellect than their outer appearance during this time, which will throw everyone off, including yourself. It may take you some time for your mind and body to agree on this new reality, so that may lead to you being hot and cold with those you care for. If you’re suddenly over someone that you thought was your sexual soulmate, take time to process what’s leading to you feeling that way. Perhaps all you needed was a bit more space… Aquarius Season is the perfect time to give yourself and your lover(s) space, and respect each other’s sexual boundaries.

This month is also ideal for exploration, if you’ve been wanting to see what else exists outside of monogamy. You’re full of double standards though, Leo, so even though you’ll be in the mood to love without restraints, you’ll still feel jealous or possessive of your partner and may not be as down for them to be open the way you’d like to be. The key is to admit to yourself if those double standards exist, and even find a way to laugh about it. What could have started off as a selfish argument could turn into a creative proposition for indulge in a foursome, so everyone wins and feels satisfied. Heheh, just putting it out there…

Now that Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is direct in Taurus, the Aquarius New Moon on the 24th will hit differently for you, Leo. It’s going to help you reimagine what you view sex to be. Too often you put pressure on yourself to be the ultimate lover and sexual fantasy, but you’ll end the month feeling more carefree and more open to letting others woo you and take control. It’s a powerful time to let go of egocentric views around sex and connection. What would it look like to let others take the lead and show you forms of pleasure you may have previously neglected or ignored? Get prepared to have some pretty kinky and unconventional sex, dates, or romantic interactions as the month comes to an end. You never thought you’d be this type of lover, but it’s 2020, and a new world is being born. Might as well be an orgasmic one.