Leo June

June is the pregame to your birthday season, Leo, and what a pregame it will be. With the Sun in Gemini for the first three weeks, your sector of social networks and technology will be activated, meaning that your social and sex life will appear to be popping. But since it’s currently retrograde season, and we’ll have a game-changing Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in your fellow fire sign of Sag on June 5th, not everything is at it appears. Even if people think you’re the popular, untouchable one, you may not necessarily be feeling that way about yourself deep down. Retrograde season has you re-evaluating where you tend to seek validation from, and why. Your sexual fulfillment this month will be directly tied to how you truly feel about yourself, flaws and all.

This doesn’t mean you have to be completely in love with yourself or even that attracted to yourself all the time, Leo. Perfection is an illusion and you shouldn’t pressure yourself to meet some impossible standard you hold yourself to. Granting yourself such grace will help sweeten and spice up the connections you have with others, because you won’t be as tough on them as you would before. You’re turned on by sensitivity and sweetness this month, Leo, because Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will be in Cancer until August, activating your sector of spirituality and healing. Even the Leos who tend to prefer casual dating or promiscuity may find themselves drawn to one crush, lover or admirer in particular this month, no matter how hard you may want to push that feeling or desire away. There’s something sexy about realizing you’re intoxicated by one particular person’s aura, and if you have a chance to connect this month, the type of sex you have will feel like a spell. Eclipse sex is on a whole other level, and you’re represented by the fiercest animal in the kingdom. Rawwwrrrrrrrr.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini may throw you for a bit of a loop though, particularly since Mercury will also start its retrograde this month, joining Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all retrograde. While retrogrades don’t halt sex or intimacy, they can lead to you second-guessing yourself or what you’re doing, and this can leave you and your lover(s) confused. You may act like you want one thing when actually you want something (or someone) else, and your moods may frequently changed, making your sexual libido appear to be hot and cold. This may mean that during retrograde season you should dial up the notch when it comes to self-pleasure sessions.

You’re often turned on by knowing that someone’s into you, or by knowing how much you can please someone. But this month you may at first want to be your main source of pleasure. Take time to make yourself feel good physically, emotionally and psychologically. Take yourself on dates. Play with your favorite sex toys, or keep it simple and use your hands as the main instrument of your sexual bliss. Tuning out the need for external connection and focusing on the fact that you yourself are already a valid source of pleasure will actually serve to boost the intensity of your sex life when you do feel ready to engage with a partner again.

Since Mars, the Planet of Action, is in Pisces most of the month, activating your sector of depth, merging and intimacy, you’ll find yourself getting swept off your feet, either by a real-life lover or by a fantasy of them and what they can do to you. This would be a great month for getting lost in an erotic novel or film, or looking at some of you own past pictures, videos, or sexts that you sent your current or past lovers. You have to remind yourself just how much of a sexual god(dess) you can be, even if times have been a bit lacking. Your imagination plays a major role in helping manifest the bomb, soul-stirring sex you’ve been consistently craving or visualizing.

Once Cancer Season begins on the 20th, followed by the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 21st, you’ll feel ready to set intentions regarding attracting or maintaining the type of sexual connection with someone that feels other-worldly. You’re ready for the type of sex that isn’t simply about fulfilling your orgasm, but that leads to you feeling spiritually linked with someone, even simply by thinking about it. Sex is synergy, Leo.

As a passionate Fire sign, there are times you get lost in the physical act of it all and forget about the spiritual. But since the Cancer New Moon eclipse activates your spirituality and healing sector, you may attract a sexual experience at the end of the month (or sometime within the 10 days after the New Moon) that completely reframes the way you view sex and allows you to be even more intentional in regards to who you have sex with and when. Understand that your sexual powers will deepen this month, almost in a way that surprises you and leaves your lover low-key obsessed with you. Get ready