Leo March

March 2020 will bring out both an intimate and expansive side to your sexual nature, Leo. The Full Moon in Leo that took place in February has opened you up to a much more daring, bold and passionate desire for human connections. You said goodbye to any mediocre or unhealthy ties, and you’ve made room in your life for soul-stirring, mind-blowing, orgasmic connections. Even if they haven’t yet manifested, you know that they’re coming. This month, Mercury shifts back into Aquarius on the 4th until the 16th, activating your sector of partnership and marriage. During the first half of Mercury’s transit through Aquarius, you may be going back and forth regarding a past sexual and romantic connection that may have left you mesmerized, but ultimately unsure about where you stood, and what you are.

Mercury will still be retrograde until the 9th, and then it will have a post-shadow period for several weeks, so you should avoid making reckless decisions, break-ups or make-ups during the first half of the month. However, once Mercury shifts direct in your partnership sector on the 9th, there’s a part of you that may feel ready to connect more intellectually and one-on-one with someone with whom you may have been feeling mixed signals with. Mercury retrograde in Pisces made it challenging for you to know what or who you really wanted, but this mercurial shift will feel like a breath of fresh air and will get you out of your feels and more aligned with the present moment.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 9th activates your sector of abundance and security, and it guarantees that people aren’t going to waste your time or energy, particularly from March 5 – March 13th, when we will feel the energy of the Full Moon most intensely. Even if people had misconceptions about you during the retrograde, you’ll find that this Full Moon brings to a close a six-month cycle of playing it safe in your sexual and romantic relationships. Either you or someone you’re connected to may have been trying to keep the peace in your connection, and this may have caused some of the initial sparks to die down. This Full Moon will allow you to integrate raw, honest conversations into your foreplay. The more you lay it all out on the table and get real about you or your lover’s insecurities, self-doubts, resentments, frustrations, or misunderstandings, the more you’ll end up turned on by each other and feeling secure with one another. If you need to, write yourself or your lover a letter before having the conversation — this will give you the clarity you need to let them know what’s up.

Since Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in Taurus most of the month, a part of you may be turned on by consistent, loyal and predictable partners. This will catch you off guard because you’re usually all about spontaneity, adventure and excitement. But these first 19 days of March, in particular, will have you in the mood to slow down considerably. You may be turned off by people who are too aggressive in their pursuit of you, or too relentless. If you’re not interested at the moment, you’ll want them to fall back — yes, that includes if just a few days ago you were all over them. Have compassion for people who may not understand your change of heart, but definitely stay firm in your boundaries, even if they don’t seem to make sense to others, or even yourself. Those who can handle your change of heart will understand, and those who take it personally aren’t meant to connect with you sexually or emotionally right now, and that’s okay. There’s no need to explain yourself, Leo.

On the 19th, the astro new year kicks off and the Sun in Aries activates your sector of expansion and adventure. This is the time you’ll come alive and let your wild, sexually liberated and uninhibited side come out in full force. You’ll find yourself saying yes to strangers’ date requests, especially if they come from a different background than you. You’ll be drawn to people who can help you see life from a new lens, and who flirt with you and turn you on differently than you’re used to. Release all preconceived notions about what your ideal lover should look or be like, and if you’re in a relationship already, treat your relationship as if it was brand new, and get to know parts of each other that you may not have known before. This will significantly increase your sexual attraction and connection, and it can even lead to you taking part in role-playing as a way to deepen your intimacy and keep things exciting. The Aries New Moon on the 24th may lead to the final week of March being some of the most sexually explosive, deeply romantic and explosive dates of the month for you Leo. There are no limits to the type of sexual bliss you can manifest at this time, so stop overthinking it and dive in.