Leo November

Leo, focus on making your home feel like your haven during the first three weeks of the month, when Scorpio Season is in full effect. The more cozy and at peace you feel, the more attractive you’ll be. And the key is to be attractive to yourself first and foremost. Look and feel good from the inside out — that’s the key to manifesting a bomb sex life this November.

With Mars, the Planet of Action, spending the first 19 days of the month in the airy sign of Libra, activating your communication sector, you’ll be feeling very flirtatious, open, charming and beautiful as the month begins. Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in fiery Sagittarius, helping you lighten up and release your need to know what’s next. This will spice up your sex life this month. You’ll feel hornier than ever, and also much bolder in your pursuits, making you extra irresistible and a universal favorite during this transit.

One caveat to all this sexual energy is the fact that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is retrograde in Scorpio for most of the month, activating your sector of roots and domesticity. That means there may at times appear to be trouble in paradise if you’re in a long-term relationship or if you’ve been living with someone. But not everything is at it appears. For example you could assume that someone is over you sexually and not at all attracted to you, when in reality they could be obsessing about you, but simply trying to respect your boundaries, time, and body.

With the Planet of Communication appearing to be traveling in reverse motion, aspects of your love and sex life will also seem to be undergoing a reversal, and you’ll have to be patient and not jump to conclusions about what’s really going down. Instead, explore your own psyche, your own thoughts and desires, and get comfortable with them. So comfortable that you have no problem expressing them with the *right* lover who deserves access to you.

Once the Taurus Full Moon takes place on the 12th, you will find yourself seeking more security in your romantic connections. Yes, Venus in Sag may be making you more of a daredevil and flirt, but deep down, you want to know that you’re desired for more than your charisma or sex appeal. You want the real deal, even if you’re inconsistent in your desire, and you may sometimes go back and forth between seeking commitment and seeking independence. The Taurus Full Moon is here to remind you that you don’t have to create limitations in your life. You can have a lover (or many lovers), and also be your own lover. You don’t have to choose. You can have it all.

Make that clear to whomever you’re sexually or romantically drawn to between the 8th and the 16th. Let them know that yes, you are a passionate, deeply loyal, often jealous or possessive lover, but you also are your own lover first and foremost. Once they understand your complexity, they’ll be drawn to you even more and they’ll find your vulnerability extremely attractive. Full Moon sex and sexts are bound to be unforgettable. Taurus energy is extreme and all-or-nothing, though, and Mercury will be retrograde during this Full Moon, so don’t let your Leo drama go overboard and lead you to spontaneously elope with your latest Tinder fling (or should you?). Know when to tease and tantalize, and know when to fall back and let the Universe bring you the sexual surprises you seek.

Once Mars, the Planet of Action, shifts into Scorpio on the 19th, followed by the Sun entering Sag on the 22nd, you should prepare to attract romantic and exciting dates, or the possibility to meet new people out of the blue. Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is still retrograde, but Mercury will go direct on the 20th, helping boost your confidence and clarify your sexual and romantic desires. This month may feel like a sexual rollercoaster where you vacillate from being very desired to feeling a bit confused and all over the place. Once Jupiter, the Planet of Love, enters Capricorn early next month, you’ll notice yourself get grounded in relationships, and your sex life will stabilize. But for now? Buckle up and enjoy the ride(s).