Leo October

Leo, love and relationships will definitely be on your mind this Libra Season, as your ruler the Sun transits the sign of partnership until October 23rd. Your communication sector is activated by Libra Season, so if previously your partners were unsure of what you wanted sexually and emotionally, this is the month where you’ll start to make your needs clear. You’re realizing that you want to infuse more fun and lightness into your sex life, especially if things have gotten a bit too predictable. But the fact that Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, is currently in Virgo for most of the month could have you contradicting yourself. During Venus in Leo last month, you were acting bolder and more aggressive in bed, even if you had to fake it at first. But now Venus in Virgo has you amping up your sexual standard and wanting soul-stirring connections or nothing at all.

This more extreme style of loving and being loved may at first take you and your partner(s) by surprise, and you may go back and forth between having vivid fantasies about how much you want them to merge with you, how badly you want to be dominated by them, and how much you want to hear them scream your name, to then suddenly pushing your lover(s) away and letting them know you’re indulging in self-pleasure above all. Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio starts on the 13th, and this complicates your sex life while also adding a dramatic flair to it. All those hidden sexual desires you’ve kept within yourself for years? Prepare for them to rush to forefront of your consciousness during Mercury retrograde. This includes any desires to be with someone from your past who may have left you helpless under their spell…

Sex with you will feel like an act of magic around the Libra New Moon, because you will have done the shadow work necessary to activate your portals of passion that exist within. After doing all that work, you’ll be craving more lightness, more frivolousness, more flirtatiousness, and less drama. Set intentions between October 16th and October 26th that help you infuse more unexpected plot twists into your love life — the type of energy where someone offers to fly you out, and gives you sensual massages during the journey or upon your arrival. The type of energy where someone asks you to describe in detail what you’d like to experience with them, and then tells you with transparency what they’d like to receive from you. The type of lover(s) where you can take a break from all the alpha energy you tend to put out in the world, and admit that it feels good to be taken care of too. You can and will be pampered, spoiled and revered this month, Leo. You just have to let down your guard enough to let that energy find you, and remain with you.

Mercury’s retrograde from October 13th – November 3rd could lead to you being tempted into having sex with an ex, or hitting up someone from your past. Ideally, wait until Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd before making any solid decisions — the wishy-washy vibes of Libra Season could tempt you into running back into someone’s arms out of familiarity or comfort, or because the sex was bomb. But the start of Scorpio Season, combined with the Taurus Full Moon on the 31st, will help you decipher what’s real, and what’s not only sexually stimulating, but soulfully fulfilling. You deserve it all, and you will manifest it all. Breathe, and prepare yourself. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too.