Leo October

Welcome to October, Leo. Your more driven and go-getter personality will come out to play this month, and this will make your sex life very interesting and quite unpredictable. You often feel at ease during Libra Season, and this month the Sun will be in the sign of Libra from October 1 – October 22. This will feel refreshing for you, especially since your communication sector will be activated by this solar transit. Libra’s energy is flirtatious, light-hearted, charming and intellectual. Those are the themes that will characterize your romantic and sex life. After a more serious Virgo Season last month, you’re ready to lighten up the mood and not take things too seriously when it comes to your love life and sexual escapades. If you’re in a relationship, this is a good month to play hooky from work on a spontaneous day, or go on a roadtrip to keep the sparks alive as you rediscover some of your favorite sexual positions and explore new ones together. If you’re dating or single, people will be very drawn to you because of your high sex appeal and confidence. They’ll want to engage with you, take you out, and woo you. You’ll love the attention! And if you’ve ruled off love for some reason, your mind will still be fantasizing about all the possibilities that exist, and your masturbation sessions may be steamier than ever as a result of your vivid imagination and dedication to self-love.

One potential drawback to the month is Venus beginning its retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5. This will take place in your domestic and values sector, and as much as you may have wanted to indulge in the stress-free, care-free vibes of Libra Season, the retrograde energy will make you have to face some truths about how you process emotions that you may have previously brush under the rug. All of a sudden, flashbacks of an old romance or fling that didn’t pan out may enter your memory, and it may cramp your style when it comes to engaging in sexual connections without too much baggage. The key is to face these emotions that do come up. If they have to do with a current relationship that’s undergoing some drama, Venus Retrograde may lead to you wanting to hash it out immediately, but beware of the intense, stubborn and dramatic energy of Venus in Scorpio. As a Leo, you are a Fixed sign, just like Scorpio, so it’s hard for you to admit your own faults or to hear people out when your mind’s made up about a situation. So if you try to rush into speaking your truth without being open enough to hear the other party’s perspective, everything can backfire and you can end up extremely sexually frustrated. Your pride won’t let you kiss and make up that easily, and no one will be happy. So instead, use the Venus in Scorpio retrograde to vent to a best friend or therapist, work out, and indulge in reflective and meditative activities. Only once your mind is clear and your ego isn’t inflated should you bring up sensitive topics with an ex or current boo. You’ll be proud of yourself for waiting it out, and then if you decide to have make-up sex, it’ll feel really intimate and spiritual because you and the other person will feel seen, respected, and acknowledged.

The New Moon in Libra on the 8th ignites powerful energy that lasts until October 18th, and it will help balance out the intensity of Venus Retrograde. Don’t be surprised if someone slides into your DMs after you post a sexy pic on your social media feed, or if you find yourself hitting it off with someone at a party. You’ll be giving off approachable and charming vibes during this New Moon period, and you’ll be more open to impromptu sexual adventures, perhaps even with someone whom you had previously viewed in a platonic way. It’s also likely that a long-time crush will finally catch your hints and come on to you, and a fantasy that you’ve had forever will finally manifest into reality. Anything can happen around this New Moon, and the magic continues once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, followed by the Full Moon in Taurus on the 24th. The Taurus Moon will light up your career sector, so you may end up having a huge professional breakthrough that you’ve worked hard for these past six months. You’ll feel so on top of your game at the end of the month that you’ll want to celebrate with wild, uninhibited sex. Make sure your partner isn’t intimidated by how successful you are, and make sure they can handle you taking the lead in bed and fully expressing your super-charged sexual energy. If they’re game, then you two can end October with one of the biggest bangs you’ve had in a while.