leo september

Welcome to September, Leo. After a wild Leo Season last month, this month will help you plant your feet in solid ground and come up with a game plan when it comes to what you really want out of sex. During your birthday season, you were just letting your free-spirited side take over, and living in the moment. But Virgo Season has a completely different vibe, and the Sun in Virgo will highlight your financial and security sector. You may find yourself weeding out the multiple sexual partners you may have been with and focusing on finding the one and only. You are a hopeless romantic after all, and even though you’re wildly attractive to many people, and attracted to many people, that doesn’t mean you can’t commit to one person when you feel ready to. This is definitely one of those months where you feel ready to slow down and connect intensely with one sexual partner. This will actually bring out some of your best sexual urges, because you won’t be worried about competing with other suitors. You’ll know that your partner has chosen you and you have chosen them, and that’s when your inner lion/lionness comes out to play and to please.

On September 9, the New Moon in Virgo starts a new six-month cycle in your life when it comes money and security. Visualize where you want to be romantically and emotionally by March 2019. This New Moon and the 10 days that follow it have the power to help you manifest this new reality. As a Leo, you tend to get what you want once you become clear on what you want and why you want it. So if there’s someone that’s caught your eye and you feel like they’re the one you want to be with for the long-haul, this New Moon vibe will bring you two much closer, and the sexual attraction will be palpable. You may find yourself pouring your heart out to your crush, bae or significant other under this New Moon. The key is to be with someone who makes you feel secure, and who doesn’t make you feel like you have to put on a front or act confident all the time. There is so much more to you than what most people outwardly see, and when you feel emotionally safe with someone, your sexuality increases and you’re able to rock their worlds and show them how grateful you are for their compassion and understanding.

That same day, Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Scorpio for multiple weeks. This transit will highlight your domestic and family sector, and this will intensify some of the deeper and more emotional feelings that you’ve been experiencing this month. When Venus is in your home sector, your ability to conceive a child increases significantly, so if you’ve been seeking to have a baby, this may be the time to try. If you haven’t been seeking that, then be extra cautious around this time because the Universe may have other plans! On a less literal level, you and your sexual partner(s) may be in the mood to give birth to a joint passion project during Venus in Scorpio. Your urge to create will be stronger than ever, and since you’re one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, you may decide to start a side hustle with your sex mate, and this will only cause you two to be even more turned on by each other. You’ll take breaks in between projects to have multiple rounds of sex, and you’ll let each other know how sexy it is to have a power couple relationship. Is it getting hot in here or is it just you?

Once Libra Season begins on the 22nd, you’ll feel significantly more light-hearted than you did the first three weeks of the year, and you may do a complete 180. Instead of demanding commitment and loyalty from your partner(s), you’ll actually seek a bit more space and time to breathe to figure out what’s going on in your mind and heart. You’ll feel at ease with the airy and more relaxed vibes of Libra, and you’ll be less prone to over-analyzing everything that’s happening in your love and sex life. Once you’ve had the time and space to reflect, you’ll want to hang out and go out on the town with your partner(s) and just enjoy sex in a fun and loving way, without giving it too much thought or energy. Go for it, Leo!