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Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells is a West African and French astrologer who has been studying the field for over 14 years. After being introduced to Sun signs by her parents, she began analyzing her own birth chart as well as those of her friends and family, and astrology became her passion. In July 2011, when Dossé-Via was a freshman at the University of Southern California, she created her Twitter page @ScorpioMystique, where she shared knowledge about her zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Dossé-Via has since attracted hundreds of thousands of loyal followers on her social media accounts, including Scorpios Katy Perry, Ella Mai and Miguel.

Dossé-Via now shares astrological knowledge with all 12 zodiac signs via her page @KnowTheZodiac. She offers birth chart readings, transit forecasts, compatibility reports, private consultations, and daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts to customers all over the world.

She also has a podcast and individual horoscope pages on IG for all zodiac signs: @knowaries @knowtaurus, @knowgemini, @knowcancers, @knowleo, @knowvirgo, @knowlibra, @scorpiomystique, @knowsagittarius, @knowcapricorn, @knowaquarius, and @knowpisces.

Dossé-Via views astrology as a tool for self-empowerment and self-understanding. She graduated with her Master’s degree in English Education from Teachers College, Columbia University in May 2017, and has been working as an entrepreneur full-time ever since. She now lives in West Africa with her husband Royce and two children. Get in touch with Dossé-Via at hi@knowthezodiac.com. PS: In addition to being an astrologer, Dossé-Via is an entrepreneur and professional model. To learn more about her, visit her personal website and follow her on Instagram: @dossevia.



Libra April

Finally, your Libra Full Moon arrives this month. Libra, the month of April 2020 can feel like both a fairytale and a mystery. Luckily your grace, charm, charisma and sex appeal will help the world find balance and harmony in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty. As the sign of relationships, you crave equilibrium and compromise in your unions. With your ruler Venus, the Planet of Love, shifting into your fellow air sign of Gemini on April 3rd — where it will remain for several months due to Venus Retrograde coming up later this year — you’re like an open book romantically, and if you’re horny and sexually frustrated, you won’t necessarily try to hide it. On social media, your thirst traps will be out of this world, and people will come through in your DMs, gassing you up — whether it’s your current bae, past crushes or lovers, or future partners, you won’t be unseen.

Who do you actually want to give most of your romantic or sexual attention to, Libra? That’ll be on your mind this month. For single Libras, Venus in Gemini and both Mars and Saturn in Aquarius will be encouraging you to be more explorative and open in your love life. You can sometimes get so caught up in the fantasy and hope of finding “the one” that you mistakenly think that people around you aren’t the ones… You let your illusion and happily ever after side take over at times when open-mindedness and even unconventionality could lead to happy endings.

Once Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into Aries on the 11th, it’ll activate your sector of marriage and partnership, making you so much bolder, and even reckless when it comes to the way you pursue, turn on, or allow yourself to be turned on by your desired partner(s), be it in person, virtually, or in your fantasies. What do I mean by fantasies? Get ready for your masturbation levels to be kicked into high gear this month as your ruler Venus is in the sign of communication. The way you communicate with yourself, mentally, and the way you can visualize yourself receiving the oral and physical pleasure of your dreams, will feel so tangible that you may be inspired to write an erotic screenplay, poem, or song. You may be in the mood to perform or witness a stunning sexual performance.

Your sense of eroticism multiplies this month — release all taboo thoughts making you think you can’t be as naughty as you want to be. Release all slut-shaming thoughts that tell you you have to watch your body count or be wary of other people judging you for it. Mars and Saturn in Aquarius wants you to stop caring about the rules, stop caring about other people’s expectations or opinions on you, and crank up the volume on your sexual and romantic love language so that you can make sure your needs are met, in all ways and sense.

Your annual Libra Full Moon on the 7th has some explosive energy that helps you evolve into an even sexier and mesmerizing being. You’ll feel the energy of your upcoming full moon as early as April 1st, and all the way throughout the middle of the month, making the first two weeks of April one where your presence and aura will be in high demand. But you should be as selective as necessary — Mars in Aquarius will help you weed out those who think they can handle you from those meant to serenade you and bless you with their presence. Set firm boundaries if you’re not in the mood to schedule several facetime dates or virtual rendezvous with your admirers. Even if you’re already boo’d up, making time for yourself and not always feeling like you have to be tied to the hip of your lover will actually serve to increase the sexual attraction you both feel from each other.

Taurus Season starts the 19th, and the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd helps you end the month on a wildly erotic note, as Taurus activates your sector of depth and intimacy. A simple activity such as stargazing can suddenly feel so sensual that your whole body gets chills. So imagine what happens when your lover gently strokes your skin, or gives you an oral massage…You won’t be able to control your desires to be consumed by their affection. This will be one of the most pleasurable New Moons of the year, Libra, because both you and Taurus are ruled by Venus, and Venus wants you to be happy and sensually and sexually satisfied. It wants you to not merely survive during this new reality, but to thrive and be blissed out in the process. The New Moon intentions you set around the end of April will kickstart a new six-month sexual manifestation period for you, where you can be the ultimate alchemist and help bring to life the type of intoxicating and unforgettable sexual scenarios that were once only fantasies. You deserve!

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ABOUT libra

Ruled by Venus, the Planet of Love, you are the type of sexual partner who can attract people from all walks of life. Your ability to generate so much attention can make it hard for you to choose just one, so you often don’t. You view life as a constant adventure, and each day is a new opportunity to attract a new sexual conquest. As a Libra, you’re often very well dressed and magnetically attractive. People have been telling you this since forever and you may have let it get to your head at times. But it’s all fun and games and as long as you don’t let yourself become cocky about it. You know how to utilize your good looks to your benefit — you’re the zodiac sign who most easily gets what you want because you’re a social charmer full of charisma and finesse. You have earned the reputation as the flirt of the zodiac. Even when you’re just being friendly, you tend to lead people on (either intentionally or unintentionally), and leave them wondering if you’re into them sexually. The truth is, you’re into so many people at once, and you love that so many people are into you too. You’re the zodiac sign who is most known for engaging in multiple sexual relations at once, and not readily choosing monogamy until you’re head over heels in love.

Your sex style is quite adaptable to your partner’s needs. As an Air sign, you know how to shape shift, so if you’re with a partner who likes things soft and sensitive, you’re able to draw out your inner romantic and decorate the bed with rose petals while lighting scented candles. If you’re with a partner who prefers more spontaneous sex, you’re game for that too and would be down for an outdoor adventure or an escape to the nearest car for a quick ride (pun intended). People appreciate how adventurous you are, Libra, but as they get to know you they also sense that you can be delicate. You like to feel well taken care of and seduced. You may be the charmer but you enjoy being chased.

You are the sign of relationships, Libra, so the truth is that you often like having someone by your side rather than being alone. You need their company to feel balanced and harmonious. But because you get along with so many people, you like to keep a variety of people around. Your sex life is therefore a bit unpredictable, and who you invite into your bed all depends on your mood that day. One day you may be in the mood for cuddling, pillow talk, and feeding each other chocolate-covered strawberries, and the next you may be in the mood to role play, and give each other 69 before calling it a day. With Libra, balance is key. You will prioritize your partner’s pleasure, and you expect them to know what you want. As an Air sign, communication is your forte, and you have no problem expressing your needs in a way that’s open and loving. But you also tend to be an idealist and hopeless romantic, so beware of letting the fantasies from movies become your standard in love — that can cause you to be easily disappointed if you’re not constantly swept off your feet by your partners.

You’re not one to want to take things too far in sex, because you’re represented by the Scales and would rather keep things on an equal playing field, where role-playing leads to mutual sexual satisfaction rather than one partner having power over the other. This can make you more picky than people would initially assume, and less prone to spontaneous quickies if the setting and overall vibe of the setting isn’t right. For you, Libra, aesthetic is everything. You’re very visually stimulated, and you tend to be a bit more shallow when it comes to choosing your sexual partners than other Air signs. You do care about their brains, but their looks are equally, if not more, important to you. They must be well-dressed, smell nice, be funny, popular, and hot for you to want to give them a chance. But who’s to blame you, considering you often get advances from so many different people, and you have so many people to choose from? High standards never hurt anyone! Just be honest with your partners if you’re not seeking monogamy, because they can never really tell what you’re feeling emotionally and it’s best to be upfront than to string them along.