Libra August

Now that your ruler Venus is shifting into Cancer, no one will be prepared for how much you’re about to provide as a lover and human being. Venus retrograde in Gemini had you f*cked up, but now you’re back and better, and your sex life will benefit from this spiritual and cosmic revival. Many Libras struggled with indecision these past few months, as the energy of their ruler’s presence in Gemini made them unsure of what they really wanted, and this could have led to them leading on people they were talking to, or being wishywashy with people they were dating. If this was the case for you Libra, this is the month where you’ll redeem yourself.

You know one thing — you want to feel wanted, seen, and loved on. With Venus in Cancer starting the 7th, you’ll be able to attract that in your love and sex life, and it’ll feel marvelous. People will be magnetically drawn to you this month, and vice-versa. You’ll feel more selective and sure about who you want to get naked with, and why. While a side of you may still be a tease due to Mars in Aries activating your partnership sector, you’re mostly going to be a bolder and more direct lover, with a touch of cosmic sensitivity.

After the Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd, and especially after Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters Leo on the 4th, you’ll find yourself more drawn to people who put up with your confusing ways and were patient with you while you figured out what you wanted. Suddenly you’ll realize that they were really about it and weren’t playing games with you — that will turn you on so much and you’ll feel ready to give them access to a sexual side of you that most people dream of. The sex you have in the first two weeks of August will feel mind-blowing, even if it’s only with yourself or a virtual lover. You’re finally letting yourself be uninhibited and release what’s been pent-up inside. Sexual tension, be gone!

While you may have the reputation of being promiscuous and flighty as a lover and friend, you’re actually the sign of partnership and you have traditional elements to your nature that can lead to you being quite committed and loyal in your connections. With Mars, the Planet of Action and Sex, in Aries until January 2021, your partnership sector is activated. For the single Libras, once Mars goes retrograde next month, you might find yourself reconnecting with an ex or someone you wish you could’ve been boo’d up with. This month may be the foreplay / preview of that reconnection. You may start off liking each other’s images on social media or sending each other sexy selfies… Then next month you’ll feel glued to each other and it’ll feel like you’re in a sexual fantasy. Let Leo Season be a time when you indulge in adventurous fun without questioning what’s happening next. Use the Leo New Moon on the 18th to set intentions around what your most sexually uninhibited self looks, feels, and lives like. Who are they drawn to, and why?

By the time Virgo Season begins on the 22nd, you may be shook to find that some of your intentions already materialized, as your spirituality sector is activated. Sex during the last eight days of the month feels tantric and quite profound — even if it’s just eye sex to start off. You’ll find yourself taking yourself and your connections more seriously, deepening the intimacy levels to astronomical proportions. This is also due to Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, starting its retrograde in your sector of depth and merging on the 15th — let go of any preconceived notions regarding who you’ll want to have sex with this month, and how the sex will go. The Universe has many tricks up its sleeve, and the key to you feeling sexually fulfilled is to trust that what’s coming is even better than what you may have anticipated…