Libra December

Libra, with your ruler Venus in the serious and grounded sign of Capricorn until the 20th of December, you may find yourself thinking of love and sex in a much more committed and long-term way than you, or your lover(s), are used to. At first it will feel weird for you to admit this to them, and you may not even be ready to do so… You’ll let your body and actions do the talking. You’ll invite them to chill with you. You’ll text them with extra letters, like “hiiii”. You’ll send them extra emojis. But eventually, Venus in Capricorn will give you the courage to step up and admit if someone’s been on your mind non-stop.

Get specific about what your ideal sexual and emotional situation is, but then release the need for it to manifest exactly as you’d like it to. Sag Season and the recent New Moon will activate your communication sector, so keeping a light-hearted and openminded perspective when it comes to love and connections is essential to manifesting a fantastic and alluring sex life this month.

On 12/12, the Gemini Full Moon activates your sector of adventure and expansion. Think back to the New Moon in Gemini that occurred around the middle of 2019. Back then you may have felt a bit lost about your true sexual and romantic needs. From the outside, you looked like you could have anyone you wanted, and perhaps you could, but deep down you may have felt unsatisfied, bored, or torn in multiple directions. Maybe you were with someone where the sex was bomb, but the conversation was dull. Or perhaps they always made you cum but also increased your self-esteem issues.

It’s also possible that you were the one playing hard to get or breaking hearts earlier this year, and the Gemini Full Moon can make you aware of toxic sexual and romantic patterns that you don’t want to take into 2020. If you find yourself attracting emotionally unavailable partners, or using sex to fill an emotional void, this final full moon of the decade may allow you to forgive yourself and others and start fresh on a more enlightened note.

That being said, some Libras may feel ready to forgive a past lover, or maybe drawn to reconnecting with them, particularly mid-month when Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Capricorn align, activating your sector of intimacy and your sector of roots. If you’ve been lying to yourself about who you really want, or don’t want, in your life, you’ll have a wake-up call with this Uranus-Jupiter alignment. You won’t be able to resist your body’s urges or needs! You may be the one who hits someone up for a booty call or heart-to heart, letting them know you’ve been thinking and fantasizing about them nonstop. You’re often labeled the player of the zodiac, but ultimately you just want freedom and sexual exploration in a capacity that feels right to you in the present moment. There’s a reason your fellow Libra Usher wrote the song “Lovers & Friends”… You want it all, and why not?

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you may realize that while you can have it all, you don’t have to have it all at once. Capricorn Season is all about quality over quantity, and Libras may use this season to fine-tune who they really want to spend time with or merge with sexually as the decade comes to an end. The shift from Sag to Capricorn Season can lead to love and sex feeling more calculated, and some Libras may wonder if people are into them solely for physical reasons, or if they see something more. You desperately want people to see you for more than your Venusian beauty, and the Capricorn eclipse on the 26th may activate a new cycle in your love life where your partner(s) take you so much more seriously and don’t let preconceived notions about you keep them from unraveling your complex soul. You’ll be turned on by people’s maturity, transparency, and trustworthiness during this eclipse, and you may feel ready to bare your soul to a certain partner who has taken you to great heights of sexual ecstasy (or whom you intuitively believe is meant to do so). Your love and sex life is about to get deeper than you may have been ready for, and that means your sexual pleasure will considerably deepen too.