Libra December

Libra, with your planetary ruler Venus, the Planet of Love, in Scorpio and Sagittarius this final month of the year, you’re likely to be feeling hornier, more magnetic, and deeply adventurous in your sex and love life. The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini that occurred at the end of November helped you release insecurities that may have made you less open to sexual connection, so now most of December will be about letting yourself play more, while flirting and being flirted with, spanked, bitten, and ordered around (with mutual consent of course). Sag Season activates your communication and connection sector, so if you’re single this would be a great time to partake in online dating — the eclipse energy can lead to you meeting your next boo in a remarkably fast way, and the exchanges you have with each other can go from zero to 100 real, real quick.

Saturn and Jupiter are both still in Capricorn until the 17th and 19th though, so you may want to hit the brakes before impulsively jumping into sexual scenarios this month, Libra, especially since Venus will be in Scorpio until the 15th, lighting up your security sector. You may decide to have heart-to-hearts with bae(s) around this time before you deepen your sexual connection. Be as raw, vulnerable and authentic as possible, particularly during the first half of the month with Mercury present in the bold and direct sign of Sagittarius. Anything that you may have wanted to experience, be it romantically, sexually, or emotionally, should be revealed to yourself first, and then your lover(s). You can do so in fun and unexpected ways, by playing card games, strip poker, truth or dare, or leaving each other little love notes with questionnaires, such as “How would you like to be f*cked tonight? Check all that apply.” They’ll appreciate your cantor and humor, and it’ll serve to bring you closer to each other, which will then lead to an explosive and riveting conclusion to your conversations, if you know what I mean…

Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, ends its retrograde in Aries on the 15th, and this activates your sector of partnership. Because this shift happens just as Venus also enters Sagittarius, the second half of the month is likely to have a radically different energy than the first half. You’ll feel brand new, and you may even want to switch up your style and your approach to lovemaking around this time. Chiron Retrograde made you self-protective and a bit distrustful of the strength of your connections, which may have led to you not prioritizing sex as much these past few months. But now that its retrograde is over and the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius activates your connection sector during the second half of the month, you’ll be one of the most sexually charged signs out there, Libra, and multiple people will have their eyes — and will crave to have their hands — on you, and only you. Indulge in this attention. You deserve it!

If you’re boo’d up and were previously dissatisfied with your sex life, things are about to change for the better exponentially, especially if you took time to have those honest and transparent convos at the start of the month. By the time Capricorn Season begins on the 21st, you will feel so confident in what you want and don’t want that you’ll literally start scheduling when your next sex sessions or makeout rendezvous will be. You’ll be more open to connecting with your lover(s) virtually without placing too much pressure on what this all “means” longterm. Eclipse season brings unexpected discoveries about yourself and your partner(s), so have fun discovering yourselves between the sheets this month, in a variety of ways, Libra.