Libra December

With Venus, your ruling planet, in the intensely erotic sign of Scorpio all month long, there’s a more mysterious and sexy side of you that will emerge, Libra. People are used to you being the life of the party and a social butterfly, and while you may tap into that side of yourself due to the Sun and Jupiter being in fiery Sagittarius most of the month, you’ll also have moments when you just want to retreat from the world, cuddle with your boo, and get lost in the act of making love. You’ll be feeling more sensitive and drawn towards profound commitment and romance this month. This is nothing to be ashamed of — let your more emotional and nurturing side come out to play. Your sexual desires will feel more extreme and intense, and at first you may not know how to act on them. Mercury is retrograde until December 6, so if possible, try to wait until after the 6th to make any huge declarations of love. Mercury Retrograde increased feelings of indecision. Coupled Libras may have gone through a rough patch and considered breaking up, and single Libras may have found it hard to admit that they were craving human connection and intimacy. During Mercury Retrograde, there are often elements that we’re not fully seeing, so patience is key.

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 7th may feel like the best time to express what’s on your heart, and doing so will lead to a boost in your romantic and sexual connections. The New Moon takes place in your communication sector, and you’ll be feeling so much more adventurous, social and flirtatious between the 7th and 17th of December (we feel New Moon energy most powerfully 10 days after it takes place). If you’ve been wanting to spice up your sex life with new positions, use the New Moon magic to take the lead and suggest them to your partner(s). It’s quite likely that they’ll enjoy this change of pace and you will incorporate less common sexual techniques into your repertoire, boosting your sex drive altogether. Don’t wait around for someone else to take the lead this month, Libra. Tap into the empowering and confident vibes of Venus in Scorpio and show them how it’s done. You don’t always have to be the passive, chill, go-with-the-flow type. If you experience days of extreme horniness, let that be a sign that you should be more assertive when it comes to feeling sexually satisfied. Stop bending over backwards trying to make others more comfortable or trying to come off as super accommodating. People are dying to know exactly what they should do to make sure all your pleasure points are met. So open up your mouth and tell them, Libra! Ask and you shall receive.

Mars, the Planet of Action, spends all month in the free-flowing water sign of Pisces. Your intuition will be heightened as a result of this transit, meaning that people you’re engaged with sexually and romantically will not be able to hide things from you. You seek people who are honest and upfront about what they desire, and if you can tell that there’s something missing, you’d rather know directly so that you can see what can be done about it. It’s a possibility that your sexual partner(s) may be feeling jealous or insecure with you due to all the outside attention you receive from other people. You’ll be able to tell simply by the way they act when you’re having sex. You yourself may give off conflicting vibes at times, because the energy of Sagittarius Season will have you wanting to explore what’s out there, or simply craving more space. But then the vibes of Venus in Scorpio will pull you in a completely different direction altogether, and a part of you will want to commit to your partner and reassure them that you’re not going anywhere. It may be a bit mind-boggling to know what it is that you want, Libra, so take your time instead of rushing into anything impulsively.

Once the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21, followed by the Cancer Full Moon taking place on the 22nd, you’ll start to feel more grounded and self-assured compared to earlier in the month. You’ll be less wishy-washy and more transparent about who you want to have sex with, and what the nature of your relationship is. Even if you’ve been with the same lover for years, Capricorn Season will make you crave a heightened level of comfort and intimacy with them. There are still layers to your sexual nature that you’re unraveling and (re)discovering, and you need someone who’s not going to judge what they see. If you feel like that person exists, then they’ll be blessed with a wild and free sexual Libra emerging from the woodworks and catching them by surprise. Just when people think they know what it’s like to have sex with you, you evolve into another version of yourself and keep them mesmerized. Use the Full Moon magic at the end of the month to make your magnetism work in your favor. Conjure up a sexual scenario that thrills and excites you, and do not place limits on what’s possible.