Libra January

Libra, this month may be one of the most dreamy, sensitive, and soul-stirring you’ve experienced in quite some time. If you indulge in sexual connections, they’ll be the type that take you to new levels of ecstasy and bliss. At times it’ll feel like things are too good to be true. But this month’s energy is about finding ways to make your sexual fantasies come true, not only superficially, but sensually and mystically. If you find yourself thinking non-stop about your lover(s), could-be-lovers, or want-to-be-lovers, ask yourself exactly what you want from them — don’t focus on what you can give to them, because you tend to be constantly bending over backwards for them. This January, may the bending over backwards only be in the bedroom, with consent, and with many strokes of pleasure.

The Cancer eclipse on the 10th of January activates your sector of career and reputation, and there’s a chance that you’ll find yourself more horny at work, or someone from work will immensely turn you on. You won’t be able to resist or deny your attraction to them, and if you have a work bae they may turn into a work bae with benefits… Life’s about to get super sensual, particularly since Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, is now direct in the sign of Taurus and activating your sector of depth and intimacy.

During Uranus retrograde these past five months, it’s likely that you were trying to take sex and connections lightly, Libra. Uranus retrograde has you re-evaluating if deep soulful connections was really what you wanted, and a part of you may have sabotaged relationships due to fear of vulnerability. Even if you were or are currently in a long-term relationship and everything seems to be going fine on the surface, internally you still have moments of wondering if things are too good to be true, and this could have affected your presence in your sex life. It’s not that sex wasn’t good, it’s just that you weren’t consistently investing all that you could in your sexual experiences.

This month, everything shifts for the better. An abundance mentality overcomes you as you Mars in Sagittarius activates your communication sector and helps you look at the glass as half full. If you’re single, in an open relationship, or polyamorous you will view this as the ultimate blessing, because you don’t have to limit yourself when mingling with people who entice you and turn you on.

If you’re already boo’d up, Mars in Sag will help you vocalize times when you would have wanted thinks rougher, deeper, softer, more frequently, etc… If you’re only having sex a few times a week and you want to have sex every day, express yourself shawty. If you’re having sex every day but only want it a few times a month, express yourself shawty. What you don’t want to do in 2020 is bottle up your true sexual desires, because if not it’ll take away your ability to be present and fully satisfied in all your sexual unions.

Once Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, you’ll be feeling a blend of lovey-dovey Venus in Pisces energy, and super intellectual “show me who you really are” Sun in Aquarius vibes. Prepare for people to seek you out, send you naughty texts, and for strangers to stop you on the street and ask you out. Your more carefree side does emerge during Aquarius Season, helping you release all the back-and-forth that may have existed in your brain about whether you should fully put yourself out there sexually or not. Your sector of fate and true love is activated this season, so the answer is a resounding yes! People can’t read your minds, even if you’re showing them all the signs. This is the season to woo your lover by showing up to their house with just a bathrobe on and nothing else underneath. Be direct and obvious about what you want and don’t downplay how badly you want it — big 2020 energy.