Libra June

Libra, having your ruler Venus be retrograde these past few weeks, for the first time in 18 months, has been quite a mental whirlwind for you. You may not have felt as balanced or harmonious than usual, particularly since we have several other planets currently retrograde, and we’re at the brink of eclipse season. With the Sag Full Moon eclipse taking place on June 5th, don’t expect things to get any smoother. Your sex and love life will actually seem more exciting and irresistible with this surge of fiery energy, and it’ll propel you out of your mind and more into your body.

Your partner(s) will find you to be more alluring, confident, bolder and direct when it comes to naming your needs and physically getting what you want. If you’re riding solo, the month will begin with your share of admirers or friends who wish they could be more than friends making their appearance in your life, DMs, inbox, or phone. It’ll be fun to entertain these connections, but since Venus is retrograde, avoid starting a new relationship or situationship this month, at least not until the Cancer New Moon eclipse at month’s end.

Mars, the Planet of Action, rules our sex life, and is currently in Pisces. Art and sex will be interconnected for you, so if you’ve been undergoing a dry spell in your love life, do something creative, such as nude painting (either a self-portrait or find yourself an in-person or virtual muse). For single Libras, the art of unlocking your creativity through brush strokes could lead to the manifestation of physical strokes of passion in the near future, because you’ll start to free yourself as an artist, and thus attract potential partners who are attracted to your freedom and want to be free with you, in every capacity and sense of the word.

Already boo’d up? Mars in Pisces is one of the most healing sexual transits for you, Libra, because it allows you to be seen in a more transparent and raw way. This is the month where you’ll feel ready to remove any remaining masks and barriers with your lover, and view and treat each other as mutual muses. Just the way you make each other laugh, the hilarious jokes and flirtatious texts you exchange, and the art you may be inspired to create together will leave you both swooning and viewing each other like an irresistible treat you need at this very instant. Your Libra brain will at first try to make you weigh the pros and the cons about going for it, but Mars in Pisces will peacefully invite you to connect through art and intimacy first and foremost, and let the cosmos do the rest. There’s a synergy that can’t be described with words that you’ll feel with the one you love, or the one you could grow to love, this month.

We are undergoing the 2020 Ascension, a time where more of us are realizing how the physical and spiritual are interconnected. This will be reflected in your sex life and your romantic connections this month, Libra, especially since your ruler Venus is retrograde right now, helping you re-evaluate all the moments when you ghosted people for superficial or inadequate reasons. Sexual karma is real, and this retrograde and eclipse season is a perfect time to clear the cobwebs, own up to any sexual hangups you may feel, and be more direct with your lover(s), or people you’re talking to, about what you think you want. Many Libras won’t fully know what they want until after Venus is direct on the 24th, so take it easy this month. Indulge in sex but don’t make any life-changing decisions, even if the sex is bombbbb. Eloping, engagements and weddings are more likely to thrive in a post-retrograde reality.

One of the highlights of the month is the start of Cancer Season on the 20th, which is immediately followed by a monumental New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on the 21st, which lights up your sector of reputation and social status. Sex and work become interconnected at this time. Your work husband/wife/bae may be promoted to your official bae, if that’s something that’s been on your mind. Or you could meet someone at a virtual job fair or one of your job’s virtual events. If you’re working on a creative or professional project with your current partner, you’re likely to take many sex breaks because you’ll be so turned on by each other and by the creative and sexual energy you both emit as a result of being in the zone. Cancer eclipse sex is like none other, and it can leave you gasping for air, unsure if you’re even on Planet Earth anymore. Whewww.