Libra March

It’s been an intense few weeks for you sexually and romantically Libra, as there were very few planets in Air signs, making the overall vibe so much more serious and sentimental than you’re typically comfortable with. You’re just trying to get laid and everyone else is trying to lock you down and propose. You’ll have to tough things out and adopt a sense of humor about it all for the first three weeks of the month, as the Sun hangs out in watery Pisces and makes everyone who comes in contact with you much more glued to you than usual. Even once mercury retrograde ends on the 9th, the post-shadow period will lead to aftershocks and you’ll realize that some people may have gotten mixed signals and may not fully know where you stand with them romantically and sexually. This will be the ideal time for you to clear the air with them, even if it’s a bit awkward at first. Make room for the types of sexual connections where you don’t even have to explain your attraction — it’s clear as day.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 9th may be one of the most serious periods for you, where you may decide to abstain from sex or from flirting for a period of time, and press “reset” before interacting with someone new. Even if you’re already boo’d up, you’ll be craving more solitude and you’ll yearn to get more sexually acquainted with yourself and your changing needs which you don’t always express. Yes, you are the sign of partnership, Libra, but your ruler Venus’ recent shift into Taurus is making you realize the dangers of overly compromising in love. How often have you prioritized your partner’s needs in bed above your own? Perhaps you’re tired AF of missionary, yet you keep allowing it to be a go-to position because it drives your partner wild. Taking time on your own and abstaining from sex during the peak of the Full Moon energy (the 5th through the 14th) may help you hype yourself up and realize that you can call the shots, too.

Mercury re-enters Pisces on the 16th, and this time it will be direct, activating your sector of service and routine. Some of the fantasies you may have had during your sexual hiatus (or during your period of reflection about your true sexual needs) may now come to life under Mercury in Pisces, and you may find that it’s your partner that becomes more committed to exploring what it takes to please you. You’ll feel less taken for granted and more at ease expressing what you want. You may even show them yourself, through a video tutorial or by positioning them in the way you desire. Don’t let them mistake your softness for weakness or a lack of assertiveness, Libra. Show them how it’s done, and how you want it to be done.

Taking charge will become easier for you once Aries Season and the astrological new year begins on the 19th, activating your sector of partnerships for the next four weeks. Your wish becomes their command — use these sexually magnetic powers wisely, my love. If you’ve experienced a dry spell recently, get ready for your sex life to heat up dramatically. It may even be too hot to handle at a certain point, and you may find yourself overwhelmed by all the attention the Universe throws your way. It’s a new year, and you can take your pick with who you want to kick off this new year with sexually. You may even choose more than one lover to keep in your rotation — there should be no shame in your game. Do what feels right in the present moment, and toss any societal expectations out the window.

Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, shifts out of Capricorn on the 21st and enters Aquarius, your fellow air sign, for the first time in 29 years. This activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure, which means that you may have to be more prudent about who you say yes to connecting to, particularly between now and July 1, 2020. The Universe wants you to have fun, but not just with anyone… If you play your cards right and are more selective sexually during this transit, then you’ll manifest a summer bae who can turn into an all-year bae, who rocks you intellectually, sexually and soulfully. People often take you for a player and a heartbreaker, but Saturn in Aquarius will teach you how to both love honestly, and with detachment. You can love someone and have bomb sex with them without owning them, or vice versa. Even the most possessive lovers in your life will have to fall back due to Saturn’s presence in your true love sector. To love you is to set you free. You can enjoy orgasms together, and then enjoy days off doing your own thing. Make that clear as the month ends, and you’ll be at the top of your game sexually, romantically and spiritually.