Libra November

Get ready for a very adventurous and unpredictable love and sex life this month, Libra. Venus, your planetary ruler, shifts into Sagittarius as the month begins, where it remains until November 25th. This transit catapults you into a more fiery, flirtatious and spontaneous expression of love and sexuality. When Venus was in Scorpio last month, you may have found yourself dealing with much more profound emotions and sensations than you were used to, and you didn’t always know the best way to release that energy. Venus in Sagittarius will help you lighten up, and this will help you and your lover(s) laugh about any awkwardness that may have taken place as you were learning to navigate the depths of your emotions.

November is the season of exploration for you, Libra. Begin with yourself. Use Scorpio Season to truly dive into your inner realms and figure out what it takes for you to feel safe, on your own. That doesn’t mean forcing yourself to be lonely, or pushing away love. It means recognizing the abundance that comes from within you. It means understanding that you are the source of your own sexual energy, your own sexual magnetism.

You reading these sex scopes shouldn’t necessarily be about you learning how to better connect with others, but rather how to more intimately get to know yourself, your primal urges, your animal nature, and what turns you on and off. Once you’ve done the work to get to know yourself, people will notice that and they won’t judge you as stereotypically as many signs tend to. You’ll attract people who are deeply drawn to your introspective ways this Scorpio Season. But it’s up to you to decide who remains in your orbit, and who may only admire you from afar…

Mars, the Planet of Action, remains in your sign for the first 19 days of the month, which means that your ability to attract what and who you want deepens. But if you find yourself overwhelmed by all the choices, that may be a sign that you must choose yourself first. That may mean turning down sexual escapades if the person only makes you feel so-so. You only have time for the type of energy that lights you up and makes you moan for more. No more compromising your sexual needs just to get temporary satisfaction (if that at all).

If you’re in a long-term connection and feel unsatisfied sexually, you should use Mars’ transit in your sign to speak up and make that clear. Or are you the one dipping out of sex regularly? Have you been the one not sexually enthused and wishy-washy with your lover(s)? Mars in your sign, combined with the Sun in the penetrating sign of Scorpio, can help you get to the bottom of whatever sexual blockages exist in your relationship with yourself and others. And you can explore your psyche (and your partners’ psyches) through humor, through flirtatious remarks, through non-verbal communication and sensual foreplay. Talking about sex and our needs doesn’t have to be awkward — it can be funny, relatable, and refreshing. If there’s any sign that can make it feel that way, it’s you, Libra.

Sag Season comes in strong on the 22nd of November, activating your communication sector for the next four weeks. Your more bubbly, wild and fun-loving side comes out, especially in the bedroom. You’ll be in the mood to experiment and explore new positions and potential turn-ons. You’ll feel more uninhibited with both the Sun and your ruler Venus in this fiery sign, but there’s also a potential that you’ll lead people on and pretend you’re into someone just because the attention is nice. This could get you in awkward situations if they’re craving a deep sexual connection with you and you were just trying to get a few dopamine hits through their IG love.

The manifestation energy is real as the month rounds out, especially since Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, will go direct on the 27th in your sector of health and service. Make sure you keep it real with people if you’re only seeking casual sex, or you aren’t really wanting to take things to the next level. The same goes for if you’re secretly fawning over someone — Neptune in Pisces is giving you the green light to shoot your shot and make your move, baby. The more clear you are with your intentions, the more specific your manifestations become, and the wilder your sex life is. Ooh la la, Libra, Libra.