Libra November

Libra, with Venus, the Planet of Love, in your sign for most of November, you’re feeling in your element, and you’re looking extra luscious as well. Venus rules you, so Venusian sensuality will be oozing through your pores, especially during Scorpio Season. You’ll be irresistible, in a slightly dangerous and mysterious way. Allow yourself to play with yourself, play with others, and be clear about how you’d like to be played with this November, Libra. With Venus in your sign, your wish is the Universe’s cosmic command. Use the ten days after the Scorpio New Moon on November 16th to get clear on what the naughtiest, dirtiest, most satisfying sexual experiences you’d like are. A six-month chapter in your sector of abundance and security is activated with this New Moon, which means you’re likely to receive what you asked for — or better!

With Mars, the Planet of Action, now direct in the sign of Aries, your partnership sector is activated until January 2021, which means if you’ve felt hella horny these past two months but weren’t able to hit consistent levels of sexual satisfaction, all of this is about to change. The end of the year is promising for having some of the best sex you’ve had in a while, with both yourself and others. If you’re single, prepare to receive much more attention from people in person and virtually. People will be sliding into your DMs from left and right, and they’ll make it clear how attracted they are to you. Sending each other sensual images may take you both over the edge. On the 21st, Venus leaves your sign and enters Scorpio. This also takes place on the same day of Sag Season. With both your security and communication sector activated, the key to making sure your partner’s hitting all the spots this month is to let them know, and specifically show them, which spots to hit. Have fun playing strip poker, never have I ever, or naked Scrabble (yes that can be a thing for you sapiosexuals) — get clear on the instructions of your ideal sexual game, and have fun as you foreplay your way to a series of consecutive orgasms.

Sag Season allows you to be more daring, direct, bold and blunt in the bedroom, and that guarantees that you’ll end the month feeling fired up and able to attract spontaneous sex with partners who get you, without the need for over-explanation. There’s something magical that happens when you simply let yourself have what you want. This is the month for putting an end to being too much of a people-pleaser. Let Mars’ full month direct in Aries teach you the art of intentional selfishness.

Once we get to the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Gemini on November 30th, you may feel like you’ve had such a whirlwind of flirtation and sexual exchanges (whether they’re in your fantasies or actually happening), and you may not know what to expect next in your sex life. This is a great thing — end the month with no expectations at all, because the Gemini eclipse is full of plot twists and takes place in your sector of expansion. If you can, travel to a nearby city with your boo for a romantic escapade, get a local hotel, or create a sex fort in your living room. The amount of adrenaline you’ll feel will amp up your sexual escapades and increase your mutual attraction. If you’re riding solo, this would be a great time to check out the dating apps or say yes to blind dates. The more you lean into the spirit of potentially connecting with a new divine sexual and emotional match, the more the Universe works its magic and ensures that you manifest your desires. Ooh la la la la.