Libra November

Welcome to November, Libra. You’re still coming down from the high that was Libra Season last month. Now that Scorpio Season has taken over for the first three weeks of the month, your security and finance sector is activated, allowing you to focus on building your empire. But of course, this isn’t something you should do alone — there’s power in numbers this month, not only in the office but also in the sheets. You’ll be focused on attracting or cultivating a power couple dynamic with whomever you’re having sex with, and you won’t settle for anything less.  Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, re-enters Aries on November 6, and this activates your relationship sector until March 2019. Since Uranus is retrograde, there may be many unexpected occurrences that happen in your sex and love life this month.  Many people will want a piece of you, but you’ll have to learn how to set healthy boundaries and listen to your own body’s signals when it comes to how much you have sex, whom you have sex with, and how you have sex.

With Venus, the Planet of Love, still retrograde in your zodiac sign up until  November 16th, you may find yourself generating a lot of attention in your love and sex life. It’s not always going to be positive attention, either. Some of your exes may come from out of the woodwork, demanding an apology or admitting to how hurt or sorry they are. It may confuse you at first or throw you off guard, but that’s what  Venus Retrograde does — it forces you to confront your past, learn the lessons from it, and hopefully move forward wiser than before. But when you combine  Venus Retrograde with the magnetic energy of Scorpio Season, a part of you may feel the urge to fall back into familiar territory, and you may be tempted to have sex with an ex. This isn’t necessarily a bad decision. Only you know what your ex-means to you, and if the decision to hook up with them feels right to you, then trust your instincts. But if you at all are doubting yourself, then tread very carefully so that you don’t end up regretting your actions later on. If there’s indecision involved,  then it’s best to wait until several days after November 16th before making such a  choice.

Mars enters Pisces on November 15th, activating your health and wellness sector for six weeks. You’ll be focused on getting your body, mind, and spirit right.  You may, therefore, take a sabbatical from sex — especially if you were a bit too carefree or reckless in your relationships — to be in tune with yourself and your own needs. The self-imposed break could simply be 48 hours, or it could be the entire six weeks. There’s no right or wrong here. But trust yourself if you feel at all imbalanced sexually speaking. Have you been giving too much of yourself and not receiving enough in return? Or have you been expecting too much from others,  and not taking accountability for your own self-care? By detoxing from sexual relations for whatever amount of time feels right to you, you’ll gain greater clarity about what truly fulfills you, and once you have sex again, you’ll feel renewed and more at ease with your decisions.

On November 22, Sagittarius Season begins and activates your communication sector. Don’t be surprised if some admirers pop up around this time and try to woo you. It’s important not to take yourself or others too seriously during Sag Season because people tend to be more flirtatious than usual, and you can sometimes get caught up in impulsive behavior. If you’re in a relationship, you ’ll enjoy the more adventurous vibes of the Sun in Sag. Plus, the Gemini Full Moon on the 23rd, followed by the end of Neptune Retrograde on the 24th, will help you realize just how many options you have when it comes to how you navigate your sex life. Getting stuck in a rut is simply not an option when you can communicate your desires and find ways to explore new positions with your partner. Make sure that you’re not simply bending over backward to meet their needs. Speak up and prioritize yours, without guilt. Venus Retrograde will be over by this time, and you ’ll find that your self-esteem and self-confidence increase as a result. Make the most of the boost in personal energy that you feel, and take time to assess what you need from your partner(s), and what you’re willing to invest in the partnership so that both of you can feel fully satisfied sexually. There’s always room for improvement,  so this November has fun getting increasingly better in bed together.