Libra October

Libra, what if you trusted that you can receive all the sexual bliss you crave, and more? This is the month where that can very much become a reality for you if you so choose… Mercury’s shift out of your sign and into Scorpio this month is helping you admit who you’re crushing on, or who you can’t stop fantasizing of. Since Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks starting October 13th, including a short transit in your sign, you may find that the person who turns you on most this month is someone you may have previously let go of, or someone you thought had let go of you. Life’s full of cosmic cycles, and life’s also full of sex. This month may combine both.

Thoughts of an ex lover, or someone you could have potentially been with, will permeate your consciousness this month, Libra, This is particularly due to Venus, your planetary ruler, being in Virgo from October 2nd to the 27th, and activating your sector of spirituality and healing. If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll be inspired by previous sexual experiences that you and your lover may have shared that left you shook, wet, panting and begging for more. With Mars, the Planet of Action, currently retrograde in Aries, activating your partnership sector, this is the time to reactivate that big boss energy and show your lover(s) what you’re made of.

Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, is also retrograde in your partnership sector right now, which means may Libras may be focused on being their own primary lover rather than trying to connect with someone new this month. Treat yourself to some new sex toys or stunning lingerie, film yourself oiling your body down, have mirror play, dress up and feel good simply for your own self. You may be the sign of partnership, but the most essential relationship is the one you cultivate with yourself. This season, self-love will feel like the best drug, and it will lead to your lovers, crushes or admirers being even more intoxicated by your energy. The more you boldly and unapologetically love, touch, explore, and adorn yourself, the more wanted you’ll feel, by both yourself and others.

With Mercury’s retrograde activating your sector of abundance most of the month before slipping back into your sign on the 27th, you may find yourself having naughtier thoughts that you try to keep to yourself at first, but ultimately you’ll seek an outlet. Yes, have fun sexting bae, particularly around your Libra New Moon on the 16th, but also make sure you’re sexting the right bae, because Mercury’s shenanigans can get you caught up if you’re not carefree. Sex may not be as picture perfect during the second half of the month due to Mercury Retrograde, so it’s best to maintain a sense of humor about any hiccups that may occur between you and your partner. If they finish in five minutes, cut them a bit of slack and focus on the foreplay for the next round. Playfully make fun of each other, while making it clear that you appreciate their efforts.

Embrace the messiness of human connections this month, Libra. Once Scorpio Season begins on the 23rd, you’ll be glad you didn’t take yourself or others too seriously during most of the month, because that’s when things will significantly heat up (particularly around the Taurus Full Moon on the 31st, whewww — get ready for sweat and tears in bed around that time) and you’ll find your libido skyrocketing and your sex dreams taking you to a completely new stratosphere. Watch the visual for Dossé-Via’s “Love Mantra” if you need cosmic inspiration to help activate the divine love you deserve — and it’ll also turn you on too. Buckle up, because the end of the month will have you shook by the depth of merging you’ll experience.