Libra October

Welcome to October, Libra. The first three weeks of the month are all about you, with the Sun being in your sign and highlighting your sector of self. You’ll be feeling yourself, and others will be feeling you! It’s an amazing time to give yourself a makeover, to say yes to outings, to throw your own kickbacks and parties, and to indulge in the intoxicating magic of your birthday season. What Libra wants, Libra gets is the name of the game, especially from October 1st – October 22. The only potential caveat is the fact that your ruler Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio starting October 5, and this can make you feel a bit conflicted when it comes to what you actually desire. If you’re single, for example, you may be torn between focusing on yourself and entertaining past and current options. Retrogrades often throw us back into the past, so don’t be surprised if you end up feeling nostalgic about a past lover or fling and falling back into their arms (or bed). Your powers of self-control won’t be as strong as usual under the influence of Venus in Scorpio, so tread carefully when it comes to past encounters. Yes, the sex may be amazing, but what about the baggage? Is it worth it? Take time to weigh your options carefully and think about the long-term ramifications of the sexual decisions that you make this month.

For coupled Libras, although you love to keep the peace and you sometimes even compromise your own needs a bit too much when in a relationship, Venus Retrograde will have you thinking about the times when you made too many sacrifices in order to please a partner. The New Moon in your sign on October 8th is the perfect time to make a vow to yourself to put your sexual and emotional needs first. Making yourself a priority will be more important than ever during Libra Season, and this may mean cutting off energy drainers, no matter how good your sexual connection may be. This doesn’t have to be a permanent break-up, but simply take more time solo to recharge your own batteries and figure out who you are outside of your relationship. Alternatively, if things have been good in your relationship, Venus being retrograde in your security sector may lead to you thinking back to when you and your partner first connected, and the New Moon in your sign may inspire you to bring out some old tricks. Get lost in pillow talk about what first turned you on about your partner(s), and what sexual positions and adventures you most liked. Chances are, talking about it will make you all want to re-enact the sex again, and it’ll be steamier and sexier than ever. Take time between October 8 – 18th (the New Moon’s energy is strongest during these dates), to specifically visualize the direction you’d like your sex and love life to go these next 6 months. You can be the queen/king of indecision and wishy-washiness, but the Scorpio vibes in the air will help you become more committed to your sexual decisions.

Speaking of Scorpio vibes, the energy intensifies October 23 throughout the rest of the month once the Sun shifts out of your sign and enters Scorpio for four weeks. All of a sudden, you’ll feel more emotionally in tune with yourself and your sexual partner(s). You may feel the need to hear them express how they feel about you and how committed they are to your union. This will be the case whether you’ve been with someone for years or if you’re still getting to know someone you recently met. This desire for greater exclusivity in your sex life may catch you off guard if you’re used to playing it cool and having the “no strings attached” lifestyle. But even though people think that you’re a shameless flirt who plays with people’s hearts, Libra, deep down you’re a hopeless romantic and you dream of bonding with people on a deeper level than just amazing sex. You want amazing emotional connections, exciting adventures, intuitive connections and mind-blowing conversations. You want people to get inside your head and give you great head. And that’s exactly what’s in store for you as October rounds out. Use the Scorpio magnetic energy to confidently go after your sexual and romantic conquests, while letting them know that you’re not in the mood to hit it and quit it. After a wild Libra Season, you’ll be seeking more emotional security, and that will deepen your sexual bonds and stamina, leaving your partner(s) wanting more.