Libra September

Libra, you’re a sexual superstar this month, even if you hardly have sex at all. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, now in your sign, you’re likely to be on many of your admirers’ minds, and they’ll go out of their way to let you know that’s the case. Your daydreams are enough to take you to places you previously wouldn’t allow yourself, and this month your mission is to turn your fantasies into reality, by boldly declaring your wants — first to yourself, and then to your lover(s). You deserve to be spoiled and treated like the ultimate Empress / Emperor, especially since Venus, your ruling planet, is currently in Leo this month, activating your sector of social networks, and making you an undeniable beauty in everyone’s eyes.

At first you may be unsure of where you want to direct that attention. Some Libras who may have felt especially horny lately may find themselves wanting to hook up with friends who are accessible to them, and it may be quite fun at first. But Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is now direct in your sector of roots, which means that you’re being asked to think long-term. Is this a friends with benefit situation that’s sustainable and fun? Or do you intuitively feel like it’ll lead to trouble? Your powers of manifestation are strong, Libra, so there’s no need to settle for a five-minute fling instead of the real deal. At the same time though, sometimes a five-minute fling is all we really need… You’ll find yourself going back and forth, up and down, round and round, both in bed, and in your mind this month. Enjoy every inch of the ride, and go deeper, get wetter, scream louder as you indulge.

With Mars, the Planet of Action, currently retrograde in Aries until November 13th, your partnership sector is activated, and there’s a high chance that a past sexual lover will come around these next two months, particularly during the second half of September, right when your birthday season is poised to start. Oooh la laaa. You may be so magnetically drawn to this person, even if there were situations in your past that cautioned you against getting reeled back in. Just one look into their eyes, one whiff of the scent, one touch of their fingers across your skin, will be enough to give you goosebumps and leave you biting your lips, dreaming of them tearing off your clothes. Mars retrograde is out here giggling in the background, eating its popcorn, curious to see what you’ll decide to do with that person there, teasing, tantalizing and tempting you. There’s no limit to what, or who you can do — you decide what’s best for you. The key is to not self-sabotage if you know you really want them, and to not revert to what feels sexily familiar, but emotionally destabilizing, if you know they’re no good for you. Once Libra Season begins the 22nd, and Saturn ends its retrograde the 29th, you’ll feel greater clarity about what your mind, body and soul wants, allowing you to gift yourself the sexual experiences you deserve, without overthinking every moment of it. Birthday sex, anyone?