libra september

Welcome to September, Libra. With your birthday season starting during the last third of the month, you are sure to be feeling excited about what’s in store for you sexually and romantically this month. Whenever the Sun enters your zodiac sign, your attraction meter rises and all eyes are on you even more than usual. Plus, Venus, the Planet of Love, remains in your sign for the first six days of September, meaning that you can literally start off the month with a bang. The first week of September is perfect for giving yourself a makeover, saying yes to impromptu dates, and clearing your social calendar of anything that doesn’t fully excite or resonate with you. It’s Virgo Season until September 22, so during the first three weeks of September you may sometimes feel the pressure to be a people-pleaser and to put other people’s needs before your own. But your lesson this month as your birthday season approaches is to learn how to say “no”, even if that means rejecting potential sexual hook-ups. Focus on quality over quantity and you’ll attract the best potential sex partners rather than some that are just so-so.

On September 9, Venus enters the seductive sign of Scorpio for many weeks, and this highlights your financial and security sector. Since you are ruled by Venus, you will feel the effects of this transit more than most zodiac signs, and you’ll be willing to experiment, role-play, and push the limits in the bedroom way more than usual. Goodbye nice and sweet little Libra, and hello naughty, nasty Libra! Your partners won’t know what hit them, but they’ll love what they see. Your possessive side may emerge during Venus in Scorpio too, and you may find yourself demanding that your lovers give you their full time, energy and attention, which isn’t something that you typically do. The energy of Venus in Scorpio may be all-consuming for you, Libra, and if you sense that you’re not feeling like yourself, it may signal that you need to spend more time on your own. As a sign that’s very partnership-oriented, you have to ask yourself how much you use sex and relationships as a way to fill an emotional void. The deep Scorpio energy will help you learn how to be your own lover first and foremost. Take yourself out on a date, sexually satisfy yourself at night and in the shower, write yourself a love letter, go get a massage, go on a mini-shopping spree or get a makeover… You get the idea. As you fill yourself with self-love, people will only be more deeply attracted to you, but you’ll also be attracting people who are vibrating at your frequency and who won’t waste your time — a win-win situation.

All of this emotional build-up is preparing you for the Sun entering your sign on September 22, Libra. That’s when you start feeling like yourself again, because your sector of the self and personality will be lit up for four weeks. People will be drawn towards you like moths to the limelight, and you’ll start to feel similarly to when Venus was in Libra in August and early September. Sexual suitors will be coming at you from left and right, hardly giving you any time to choose where to begin. Definitely revel in this much-deserved attention, and gift yourself the ability to have anyone you want sexually speaking. There’s no need to let the vibes of Venus in Scorpio cause you to take yourself too seriously and get on a high horse. Libra Season should be about celebrating yourself and having fun exploring your sexuality and your desires. You’re evolving every day, and you are much more nuanced than people often give you credit for. Allow yourself to be spoiled during Libra Season. Only have sex with partners who will make you feel like the royalty that you are. You deserve lavish dinner dates, spontaneous trips abroad, sex in the backseat of a vintage car as you roadtrip to the beach… Whatever your desires are should be fulfilled.

Pluto going direct on the 30th will help round the month out on a more grounded level, especially since Pluto is currently traveling through your domestic sector. After a back-and-forth between your desire for intimacy and your desire for adventure, you’ll start to think about who your long-term sexual partner can be, and if you already have one, you’ll want to deepen your connection with them by month’s end. You may even be thinking of taking things to the next level and moving in with someone or starting a family with them. Your Libra indecisiveness may get the best of you though, so no need to make a fixed decision just yet. Have fun exploring what’s possible, and indulge in your birthday season vibes with flair.