Libra April

Get ready for one of the sexiest months of the year, Libra. Venus, the Planet of Love, spends the first 3 weeks in the sensitive, sensual sign of Pisces. You are ruled by Venus, so your inner romantic is coming out to play this month. But watch out now, because the heartbreaker side of your personality may also emerge if you’re not true to yourself or your partner(s) about what you desire, and who you desire it with. This can lead to you playing games just for the sake of it, leading people on just for the attention, and filling your time with shallow conversations or interactions just because you can.

If you find yourself being drawn to such distractions, you should use the New Moon in Aries on April 5 to redirect yourself towards greener pastures. Between the 5th and 15th, you can take time to set intentions about what it looks like to have a sex life that isn’t based on mind games. If you already are in that scenario, have fun visualizing ways to take your sexual connection even further within these next 6 months. The sex may be good now, but it can always be better. You and your partner may want to have a conversation during the Aries New Moon and discuss what both of you would want to further explore. Since Aries represents your partnership sector, sex, love, intimacy, connection, and affection will be on your mind more than ever in April, so your chances of feeling sexually satisfied are quite high.

While Aries Season has an “all about me” energy and the Sun remains in Aries until April 20, the fact that it’s taking place in your relationships sector means that you may find yourself going back and forth between putting your own sexual desires first and putting too much pressure on yourself to please others. The Blue Moon in your sign takes place the 19th and helps you realize that you tend to compromise your own needs a bit too much, especially to keep the peace. If you got in an argument or misunderstanding with your boo or with a friend with benefits and it’s not that serious, then it’s okay to use sex as a way to bring yourself closer to each other. The Blue Moon will help you realize when not to take life or yourself too seriously. But alternatively, if ever since last month’s Full Moon in your sign you knew that you weren’t feeling satisfied emotionally or sexually, then this Blue Moon in your sign may lead to a rupture or break being necessary for both you and the other person involved. While it may be tempting to stick to what’s familiar if it’s constraining or limiting you in any way, it’s not for you and you must let it go.

If a breakup or separation does take place during this Blue Moon, resist the urge to immediately jump into a new situationship or attempt to fill an emotional void by getting into bed with someone new. While it may be temporarily thrilling, it’ll ultimately feel draining and counterproductive. The same goes with sex with an ex… While some situations may call for that and be worthwhile, if you feel doubt or uncertainty about the idea, you’ll have to work on setting boundaries and not giving into it, Libra. A Blue Moon is a rare occurrence when there are two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign. This is, therefore, a pretty rare time in your life where you’re intimately aware of what patterns in your sex and love life have been causing you more harm than good, and it’s up to you to do something about it.

“The lesson repeats itself until learned…” By month’s end, all Libras, no matter their relationship status, will be in deep reflection about what sex means to them, especially outside of the physical component. People sometimes view you as vain or shallow because you judge many people based on their looks, but Saturn and Pluto’s retrogrades during the last week of April will help you focus more on what turns you on internally rather than externally. Make sure that you’re also holding yourself accountable for the inner gems that you’re sharing with your lover(s). As Aries Season morphs into Taurus Season, you’ll be more focused on nonmaterialist ways of being courted or desired. You’ll want people to show you how much they want you through the way they look at you, or the way they gently caress your hair… Your sensuality will be through the roof, and you’ll still be oozing immense sex appeal from the major Blue Moon in your sign. Use these gifts and magnetic abilities wisely as you intentionally explore a relationship with sex that’s a reflection of your highest self and soulful desires.