Libra June

Love is in the air this month, Libra! Your sex drive will keep surprising you, because there will be moments when you’re in a purely intellectual mood, and others when you want to tear every attractive person’s clothes off and be jumped on. Gemini Season tends to bring out the jokester and flirt out of you, so you’ll be a more playful and easygoing partner in bed. You’ll also feel more adaptable and willing to let your partner(s) take the lead sexually, while you enjoy every moment of the experience. The Gemini New Moon on the 3rd of June will have you fantasizing and daydreaming of new forms of sexual pleasure. If you have a current partner with whom you’re merging, you may decide to role-play during the New Moon period of June 3 – 13th. Put on a show and allow yourself to be a character that’s wildly different than what your partner is used to. This will help you be sexually liberated and experiment more with your sexual desires… It will immensely turn your partner on too.

Venus shifts into Gemini on the 8th of June, adding even more airy and carefree energy to the cosmos. This is not the month to stay holed in at home, Libra, especially if you’re trying to expand your sex and love life. With your ruling planet in Gemini, you’ll definitely have moments of introversion where you need to recharge your energy, but you’ll also vacillate towards moments of profound extroversion and flirtatiousness, which will boost your sex appeal and your desire to merge with new people. If you connect with a consistent lover, you’ll be craving change and stimulation in whatever way you can. Pillow talk where you both explore each other’s favorite sexual positions is a great possibility during this transit. Keeping things light and fun is very much advised with Venus in Gemini. Different parts of you will emerge under this transit, so don’t be surprised if your sexual nature changes from one day to the next. One day you may feel shy around your lover, and the next you’ll feel wildly uninhibited and ready to risk it all. Embrace your complexities and dare to explore them even further rather than trying to tame them.

The Sag Full Moon takes place the 17th of June, activating your communication sector. Think back to where you were six months ago, around December 2018. Were there any blockages that you felt when it came to letting your romantic partners know exactly what you wanted sexually and emotionally? This Full Moon can finally lead to you vocalizing these truths without fear. You’re known as someone who accommodates your partner’s needs, often before your own, but how much does that truly serve you and the sex life you desire? What changes must you integrate in your romantic and sexual unions so that there’s greater harmony, equality, and fairness? Basically Libra, you have to make sure you’re on the receiving end of great sex and intimacy, and that you’re not the main one constantly dishing it out. Release lovers who take you for granted.

Once Cancer Season begins on the 21st, you’ll realize why it was so important to be more intentional about what you communicate and how honest you are about your sexual desires or frustrations. The Solstice and the Sun in Cancer bring out a more vulnerable side of you, and people will notice that you’re more sensitive than usual during Cancer Season. This will make you more romantic and daydreamy too, Libra. You may be in the mood to read erotic novels or write one yourself. You’ll be in the mood to merge with someone who’s willing to take things slow and trust the process. Cancer Season will be a significant game-changer compared to the unpredictable winds of Gemini Season, but it will also have you more in touch with your sensuality and your emotions. Magic happens when you don’t run away from your feelings — you’ll be able to tune into what your body wants, and your lover(s), crushes or potential baes will sense what you want, without you needing to explain yourself. Pour your heart out and end the month with a bang.