Libra August

Welcome to August, Libra. This month can be a game-changer when it comes to how you show up in your sexual and romantic relationships. Gone are the days of passively waiting for people to show up in the way you want them to, or the days of playing small as to people please or not rock the boat. The Leo New Moon on the 1st of August kicks off a six-month cycle in your network and social sector, allowing you to be more bold and forthright about what really turns you on, and what completely turns you off. Use this New Moon to first be honest with yourself about what those situations may be, before even trying to explain yourself to others. Understand that if you’ve been with someone sexually for a while, but you’ve been denying deeper truths about your union, the Leo New Moon’s vibes will provide you with the epiphany you seek to chart a new course. You’re more aware of your royal energy, which means not everyone gets access to your temple, Libra.

Once Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, goes direct on August 11, in the sign of Sagittarius, you will notice that your relationships become more light-hearted and less stressful. You’ll be in the mood to travel, meet new people, flirt, have a threesome, etc… Basically, your more carefree side emerges, which makes your sexual style more playful and spontaneous. During Jupiter Retrograde these past four months, you had less of the ability to communicate your naughtiest desires. You definitely fantasized about them privately but didn’t always act on them publicly or openly with your lover(s). Now that Jupiter goes direct this month, the fear is out the window, and instead, it’s replaced by passion and curiosity. Invite more stimulating sexual positions in your life this month, Libra. Either get inspired by erotic novels and movies, share some of your most orgasmic experiences with your best friends, or do your own research on what it would take to reach new heights sexually and intimately. Spend as much time pleasing yourself as you’d like because all of this serves as an educational way to better know what it takes to feel pleasure.

The Aquarius Full Moon on the 15th of August encourages you to let out your quirky, unconventional side in bed. Role-play, a reversal of traditional gender roles, wear a risqué outfit to bed, buy whips, chains, handcuffs… You will love having a Full Moon in a fellow Air sign because it allows you to express the more versatile nature that others don’t often expect from you. Yes, you may be all about balance and harmony, but this Full Moon activates your sector of fate, true love, and it helps you see ways where you could be pushing the envelope more as a lover and a sexual being. This is your opportunity to let out your inner werewolf and pursue some of the sexual kinks you previously only could imagine seeing on screen, and never actually do yourself. Well, it’s a new day, Libra. Your partner(s) will be so turned on by this new you that’s emerging from their cocoon.

Once Venus, your ruling planet, shifts out of Leo and enters Virgo on the 21st, you will start to feel yourself slow down when it comes to your sexual exploration. It doesn’t mean your sex life won’t still be popping, but it means that you’ll want to be very clear about what sex means to you. Your spirituality and healing sector will be activated, especially once Virgo Season begins on the 23rd. Virgo Season is your annual hibernation period because it’s the preview to Libra Season, which means your ideal sex scenario would be Netflix and chill, cuddles and massages, and long walks that lead to the bed. As long as your sexual suitor(s) can match your energy, you’ll still find yourself in the mood to have soulful, intimate sex, and while it will at first feel a bit uncomfortable to admit that you feel this way, the results of your honesty and vulnerability will be orgasmic.