Libra February

Welcome to February, Libra. This month your ruling planet Venus switches out of Sagittarius on February 3rd and enters grounded Capricorn for the next few weeks. You will notice your sexual energy shift from being wildly unpredictable and spontaneous to being more practical and committed. If you’ve been struggling with indecision regarding a sexual connection, Venus in Capricorn will help you commit to making a decision, and you’ll be able to do it using your own intuitive awareness of your sexual and emotional needs. Simply put, February is the month where you can say goodbye to any toxic sexual ties you have, and if you don’t have any, you can clarify what it will take to improve your sex life altogether. Use the 10 days after February 4th’s Aquarius New Moon to set intentions about how you can revolutionize your sex life by putting your own needs first and no longer bending over backwards to please other people.

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of Aquarius and enters Pisces on February 10. You’ll still very much feel the airy, detached and intellectual energy of Aquarius Season though, and that will contribute to the side of you that’s trying to not place too much weight or expectations on your current sexual and emotional bonds. However, the energy of Mercury in Pisces and Venus in Capricorn will lead to you feeling a bit of a tug-of-war in that regard. The Pisces-Capricorn vibes will bring forth some hidden desires to the surface of your life, and you’ll be asked to face them and not deny them any longer. Seeking a threesome? Perhaps you’d like to have sex with other people altogether, or take a break from it to become more in tune with your own body. No matter how “out there” your desires may seem, Mercury in Pisces will encourage you to express them in whatever way works for you. Poetry, journaling, meditation, therapy, venting… Just find a way to peacefully acknowledge them and release them so that they don’t become hidden secrets that torment you. Take a break from worrying about what other people are going think or how they’ll respond to what you have to say. If anything, your partner(s) or potential ones will feel turned on by your honesty and transparency. So let it all out, Libra.

Once the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th, you may find yourself wrapped up in dreams of someone who rocked your world sexually. If it’s a long-time partner, you may feel deeply in love with the during Pisces Season, but there may be insecurities that hold you back from truly showing them the depths of your love. Avoid playing mind games or trying to play it cool so that you don’t come off as the person who loves the least. It’s 2019 and being vulnerable is sexy and necessary. Allow yourself to be profoundly intimate with your partner during Pisces Season. Try out positions or fetishes that you know would make you both happy, but that you may have previously shied away from doing in the past due to shyness or awkwardness. Last month’s eclipses helped you break free from judging yourself and dimming your light, and Pisces Season will provide the perfect opportunity to let your body’s urges intuitively lead the way. Talk it through with your partner, listen to what they have to say, and find creative ways to please each other. For example, you may both be turned on by writing an erotic novel or screenplay, and sending each other segments of the story you’re writing. This would take sexting to the next level, and your foreplay would be steamy and exciting. As an Air sign, you crave variety and intellectual stimulation — lead the way by showing them how it can be done.

The Virgo Full Moon on the 19th activates your partnership sector, and this takes place one day after Chiron, the asteroid that has to do with our inner wounds, enters Aries and activates your partnership sector. The last 10 days of February are likely to feel very emotional for you, and it’ll be very hard for you to take sex casually, even if people tend to misjudge that about your zodiac sign. You’ll be having flashbacks to some of the most transformational relationships you’ve had, including those that may have caused you pain. If you feel triggered at all around this Full Moon and Chiron shift, try not to use sex or intimacy as a way to fill an emotional void. Instead, allow yourself to take as much time as you need to process the emotions that are coming up and asking to be clear. Only engage in intimate relationships when you feel whole on your own, and when you’ve manifested a partner who understands what you’re going through and who encourages you to take your time to feel liberated and at ease, sexually and emotionally. Once you dare to face your own shadow side, the light will emerge, and you’ll end the month feeling so much fiercer, sexier, and self-aware.