Libra September

Birthday sex, anyone? Libra Season officially begins on the 23rd of this month! You’ve been ready for this time, but before we get there, the Virgo Sun activates your spirituality and healing sector for the first three weeks of September. Before the celebrations begin, there are important lessons for you to learn and absorb concerning your relationship, your sexuality, and your primal desires. Some Libras may decide to start off the month being abstinent or celibate because you’re in a period of purging sexual and spiritual energies that you don’t want to take with you into your Solar Return. And they say Libras are shallow. If only they knew how deep you really are…

Virgo Season is a month where you don’t have to prove anything to your romantic and sexual partners. They should simply observe your actions and they’ll know where you stand. If someone disrespected or deceived you during retrograde season, the Virgo New Moon which activates your healing sector will help you calmly shed light on how you feel, while doing what needs to be done. Even if the sex is bomb but the overall energy feels off, you’ll peacefully let go between September 1 and September 10.

The Pisces Full Moon on the 14th helps you get in tune with your health, physically and emotionally. It’s a great time for a check-up. Get tested if you’ve been sexually active this year. Ask your partner(s) to get tested too. What you think is practical stuff will actually turn you both on because it will emphasize the amount of respect you have for each other. Take things one step further and practice being spiritually and verbally honest with each other too, especially if you’re in a non-monogamous or open relationship, or if you’re dating / sleeping with multiple people. Let each other know (if it’s mutually desired), who you’ve connected with, and to what extent.

As we approach 2020, humans must learn to view transparency and honesty as something as simple as breathing — it should come naturally to us. With both Mercury, the Planet of Communication, and Venus, the Planet of Love, entering Pisces on the 14th, the stars on your side when it comes to taking the lead and speaking your truth. The more you do so, the more your partner(s) will mirror your energy. There’s a strong likelihood that your conversations will lead to soul-stirring sex, or calming cuddles.

On the 18th, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its five-month retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. This activates your sector of roots and familiarity. Perhaps these past five months you’ve held on to a sexual and romantic partnerships that you had long outgrown. And you now know that it’s time to let go, even if it’s not forever. You’ll have to set strict boundaries, especially if the sex is good, so that you commit to the decision you’re ready to make. It’s also possible that during Saturn Retrograde you were being too tough on your lover(s) and every apparent mistake that they made, and you may have pushed them away or been emotionally detached due to fear of intimacy and vulnerability. If that’s the case, then Saturn ending its retrograde will have you more self-aware and willing to try again.

Invite bae over for a romantic date sometime after September 18th, and let the wine and conversations flow. Try to take eh other too seriously — play strip poker for desert, or use “Never Have I Ever…” as a form of foreplay. As you let loose and have fun, even while talking about important relationships topics, you’ll find yourself increasingly turned on by your partner, and vice-versa. Then once Libra Season begins on the 23rd, all eyes will be on you. Even if you haven’t been prioritizing love and sex this year, Libra Season often brings secret (and not-so-secret) admirers out of the woodwork, ready to woo you and thrill you. Have fun being seduced, and seduce others if you want to…

Once your annual New Moon in Libra strikes on the 28th though, realize that you are being gifted the cosmic green light to ask for whatever you want from love, sex, and intimacy. So don’t play it safe as you set your New Moon intentions. If you want naughty sex with your best friend, let yourself visualize that in vivid detail. If you want to explore sex with yourself more intimately, find the nearest sex store and have fun buying new toys or watching erotic films. Perhaps investing in a removable shower-head may be a great birthday gift to self. Get creative about what you need to feel sexually ecstatic. Then prepare to receive what you’ve asked for. It’s coming. You’re cumming ;).