Pisces April

With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, spending its final 11 days in your sign as April begins, sex, intimacy, soulmates, past lives and sensuality will be on your mind as April 2020 begins, Pisces. You won’t be able to focus as much on mundane or practical affairs with Mercury in its final stretch in your sign, and that’s okay. Spend the first 11 days of April having as many romantic and sexual fantasies as your mind will permit. You may also notice that your dreams intensify and become steamier and more detailed than ever — particularly if you’ve gone a few weeks, months, or years without physical intimacy in the form of sexual interactions.

Mercury in Pisces brings the concept of sensuality and human connection to the front of your consciousness, particularly when it’s spending time in its final degrees. Use this energy to your advantage by writing yourself and/or your lover a sensual love note, letting them know specifically what you’d want them to do to you, and what you’re fantasizing of doing to them (only once you’ve both given each other consent, of course). This refreshing mode of communication will only deepen your desires to merge with each other, and make the experience even more immersive and intoxicating than ever — even if it all takes place in a digital space (but if you have the option to write a handwritten sex note, by all means, do so).

Your dream world intensifies this month too, especially since Neptune, one of your planetary rulers, is direct in your sign and influencing so many of your subconscious thoughts and patterns. There’s no human who is more of a soulful lover than you are, Pisces. Some of you may have tapped into this ethereal, whimsical, fairytale side of your nature, and you’re realizing that not everyone’s equipped for it — at least not immediately. Some of your desired lovers, or past partners, may have been drawn to your sensitivity and depth, but they may not have actually been able to withstand the storms that come with your sexual tsunami. With Mars being in Aquarius and activating your sector of healing and spirituality this month, Pisces, you may find that some of those partners come back around, particularly since Venus, the Planet of Love, is in your fellow mutable sign of Gemini. People thought they were intimidated by your depths, but they may suddenly re-emerge, with deep symptoms of withdrawals.Taurus Season beginning on the 19th, followed by the Taurus New Moon on the 22nd, will help you set clear boundaries on an emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual level, so that you don’t feel taken advantage of, even if you’re craving intimacy and connection. You’re undergoing a profound glow-up period, Pisces, so of course, people who previously messed up or missed out on you will try to pop back up and woo you. Some of them may be worthy of a second chance — and you’ll know that based on what your gut reaction is when they re-emerge. Perhaps you’ve been manifesting them back into your life through your subconscious thoughts, dreams, daydreams, and desires.

The Taurus New Moon and the 10 days that follow is the perfect time period to be honest with yourself about who your ideal sexual partner is. If you’re already in a relationship and feeling blissed out sexually, get prepared to have some of the best sex of the year so far — if you’re lucky enough to be able to consistently see your lover safely. Both the Libra Full Moon on the 7th and Taurus New Moon on the 22nd will activate some of the most sensual parts of your nature and will encourage transparency, passion, communication and adventure in your romantic relationship(s). After an intense Pisces Season and an extended stay of Mercury in your sign, you deserve to surrender to sexual ecstasy without overthinking every part of it. If the opportunity presents itself, particularly at month’s end, to indulge in a sexual adventure full of fantasy and raw sensuality, please say yes and safely and uninhibitedly, enjoy yourself.

Pisces, since your traditional planetary ruler, Jupiter is in Capricorn until December, there’s a part of you that may want to take the slow and steady route this month, letting yourself make decisions about who gets access to you on a day by day level. This is an excellent idea that’s sure to work out in your favor in the end. While the Sun in Aries may get you amped up and ready for action, Jupiter and Pluto are working behind-the-scenes to make sure you align with partners who treat you like the royalty that you are, and who don’t take advantage of your giving and generous spirit. You deserve to come as much as you make others come, and as you put yourself and your sexual and romantic needs first, you’ll manifest that type of sexual satisfaction, and so much more.