Pisces August

With Neptune spending another month retrograde in your sign, Pisces, your sex life is likely to begin first in your own fantasies — you’re able to take yourself places that most partners aren’t able to physically reach. That’s how much of a sexual powerhouse you are on your own. So then what happens when you’re able to merge with someone who vibrates at such a frequency? The Aquarius Full Moon on the 3rd of August activates your sector of spirituality and healing, which means that the key to having bomb sex this month is to release your need to control every other aspect of your life. This doesn’t mean you’ll be seeking casual or meaningless sex, because that’s not your current vibe. Venus in Cancer heightens your sensitivity and may even give you baby fever — FYI. You’re seeking the type of all-consuming love-making session that makes you feel like you’ve transcended Earth and entered a new stratosphere. A simple Piscean request.

Pay attention to your spirit guides this month, as Jupiter, your traditional ruler, continues its retrograde in Capricorn, and this activates your sector of reputation and career. There may be someone in your professional or creative circle that you’re sexually and spiritually drawn to. This may be because your ancestors may have been together in a past life, or they’re conspiring to help get you together in this life. No pressure though, because Jupiter in Capricorn is all about patience and building things step by step. If you’re used to rushing into sexual connection with someone you feel attracted to, this month you’ll enjoy pacing yourself, while still making it quite clear that you want to jump each other’s bones.

With Venus, the Planet of Love, entering Cancer on the 7th, you’ll be drawn towards longer, more intimate love-making sessions rather than quickies or spontaneous sex sessions. Venus was in Gemini since April, making you focused more on light-hearted unions and selfcare. But with Venus in Cancer activating your sector of partnership this month, you’re realizing how much you’re seeking cuddles, oral, and sensual massages. Gift yourself that by setting intentions during the Leo New Moon — that New Moon will activate your depth and merging sector and it’ll bring out a more primal side to you. It’s a side of you that doesn’t really want to think over and over about who the “right” one is. It’s a side of you that realizes you have always been the one for your own self, and therefore your vibration naturally attracts the one(s) for you.

This month, Pisces, you’ll be focused on taking a break from thinking about what you want, and you’ll be come very aware of what you already have. Pay attention to people you may have ghosted this year, but who you’re actually thinking a lot about. They’re most likely thinking about you too, and since we’re still in retrograde season, it’s likely that you’ll reconnect somehow this month. Now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in Leo, you’re coming out of your shell, emotionally and sexually. Reconnecting with someone you viewed as a soulmate will feel otherworldly, particularly since Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is retrograde in Capricorn, helping you let your more bougie sexual desires come out to play. You’ll have super high standards this month and won’t settle for anything less than deeply enticing, playful and profound sexual experiences.

With Mars in Aries activating your abundance sector all month long before going retrograde in September, a life hack is to correlate money with sex simultaneously when it comes to energy and vibration. As you focus on glowing up financially, your sexual desires will deepen considerably too, and you’ll enjoy being able to bask in sexual and financial bliss. It’s all coming for you, like a rush of waterworks, so your job is to let it come, and accept the orgasmic waves of pleasure and passion that the month of August is gifting you.