Pisces December

Welcome to December, Pisces. Your modern ruler Neptune spends its first full month direct in your sign, and your traditional ruler Jupiter spends its first month in the grounded sign of Capricorn. It’s important for you to make a vow to yourself to be more assertive about what your mind, body and soul wants. Too often, you choose to accommodate your lover’s needs more than your own, but Neptune direct has helped you see how that is a disservice to yourself and your sexual and emotional needs.

The Sag New Moon that took place on November 26 will continue to be felt throughout December 6, and since it activated your sector of career and social status, there’s a likelihood that this month you’ll be learning how to set intentions about how to blend your creative and sexual needs in a way that helps you feel balanced and fulfilled. So for example, if you’re an artist you may feel drawn to people who encourage your creativity, and who want you to share your art with them. There’s something about you opening up and being vulnerable with them about what you love that will immensely turn you both on. Let yourself be your lover’s muse this month. Let them drawn you naked, lick you naked, spread oil on you naked, and vice versa.

Pisces, the key to your sexual fulfillment this month is to not get sucked into limiting beliefs about what you can manifest for yourself. If you’re craving a sugar daddy / sugar mama to take care of you, stroke you / get stroked by you all night long, while making love like wild animals, then the key is to dare to admit it, and not just through subliminal messages. Literally let them know what’s on your mind and what you’ve been craving. Get specific about what you want them to do to you, and how hard/fast/soft/ strong. With Neptune direct in your sector of self, you are more magnetic than ever, and you should take advantage of this energy. Let fellow Pisces Rihanna’s song “S&M” be your anthem as you explore your raw, sexual, and somewhat dangerous primal nature.

The Gemini Full Moon on 12/12 activates your sector of roots, and this can lead to you looking at your sex life from the past six months and asking yourself who really is there because they’re into you, and who’s in your life just because you’re available. Because you sometimes get lost in your own world, it may at first feel challenging to admit to some of the feelings that emerge at this time. You may have been in denial about a friends with benefits or long-term lover that can’t fully match you on an energetic and sexual level.

But get this, Pisces… once you dare to admit what you’ve outgrown, or be honest about what would reallllllyyyy turn you on, then the world will be able to send you the exact vibrations you’re asking for. Your powers of attraction and manifestation are so strong that you can manifest your ideal lover(s) within a magically speedy amount of time.

Mid-month, on the 15th, your traditional ruler Jupiter makes a harmonious alignment with Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, currently in Taurus, in your sector in your network sector and communication sector, you may find yourself being more open to sexual advances in the second half of the month — but not from just anyone. You’re drawn to people who can really see your energy, feel your energy, and vibe with your energy. Say yes to party invitations, Pisces. Your spiritual soul loves music, and if you’re single you can mingle with people who are drawn to the same musical vibe as you are. If they vibe to the right music, they’ll probably be great lovers too. If you’re already boo’d up, going out and dancing with your bae is an ideal foreplay for you, especially if you let yourself get real nasty in the grinding and mutual touching…

Once Capricorn Season begins on the 22nd of December, your sector of technology and social networks is activated, which means that single Pisces may find their next bae on social media, or through dating apps — yes, even if you thought it would never happen. Part of the 2020 ascension is opening yourself up to new forms of connection. This means releasing any fixed or rigid notions you have about the way your sex life is supposed to look or feel like. Neptune is direct in your sector of self, which means a sexual rebirth awaits this month. Let go of past sexual energy and begin anew.

The Capricorn eclipse on the 26th will catapult you into an exciting reality where admirers may come out of the woodwork, especially if you were once friends with them. It’s also quite possible that someone in your social network will invite you to a holiday party, and the night’s events will be unforgettable. Take time to look and feel your best this holiday season, because with your rulers Jupiter and Neptune in new/direct positions, you yourself will feel and act brand new… Allow your sexual and sensual nature to emerge, and don’t let anyone shame you about it either. People wish they were you, wish they were with you, and wish they were inside / on top of you… Some people may find that this month, their deepest wishes finally come true.