Pisces December

Pisces, keep asking for what you want this month, with greater intensity and passion. Better yet, keep showing your partner(s) or potential lover(s) what you want and who you are. They may not know just how naughty you can be when you feel completely safe and fully turned on, but this is the month where you’re about to show them. The lucky ones of course. Anyone who’s made you feel “so-so” sexually or emotionally this year will be eclipsed out of your life this eclipse season, and you won’t even have that much time, energy or desire to cry about it, because you can tell that so much better is coming. You know your worth, sexual superstar. Whether you’ve been celibate or abstinent for years, or whether every night is a new rodeo for you, you’re infinitely valuable and anyone who gets to connect with you will feel like they’ve been transported to a cosmic wonderland. The key is to be discerning about who gets access to that wonderland, how often, and why.

With Mars spending its final month in Aries, security, wealth and abundance are all on your mind, which means that if you’re single, this is the month to fully embrace that status instead of immediately seeking to be boo’d up. Yes, Venus will still be in Scorpio until the 15th, Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, ends its retrograde in Aries that day too, which means that you’re able to focus on how you want to be treated sexually and emotionally in the present moment rather than being bogged down by moments when you were less than fulfilled in the past. As 2021 approaches, the lighter you can feel in your body, the more explosive your sexual experiences will be, because you’ll feel spiritually purified of burdens or resentment.

The Sag Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 15th is therefore the ideal time to set intentions that have to do with adding more fire, spontaneity and adventure into your sex life. Now that your ruler Neptune is spending its first full month direct in your sign, and your traditional ruler Jupiter is entering Aquarius on the 19th, you’re going to be acting in less predictable ways in the bedroom, which means you may surprise current or potential partners with new moves or propositions. Jupiter in Aquarius brings out your sapiosexual side, so you may end up deeply turned on by someone after playing a game of chess with them or after they send you a link to the latest documentary they’ve been watching. Suddenly you’ll be in the mood to document your movies and images with them, and you may even decide to film a lil movie or two as the year ends — the friskier and more risqué, the better.

Virtual sex will hit different once Capricorn Season kickstarts on the 21st and both Saturn and Jupiter will have switched into Aquarius. You’ll feel more uninhibited and sexually liberated now that Neptune’s no longer retrograde in your sign, and you’l be showing new, past or future bae(s) just how much you’ve transformed. You may also be a tease at times this month — just because you’ll feel horny AF doesn’t mean you’ll always want to go all the way. Sometimes you’ll just be in the mood to cuddle, make out, and call it a day. As long as you’re transparent about your needs and make your boundaries clear, that shouldn’t be a problem. If anything, it’ll only amp up the mutual desire that you and your lover(s) have with each other, because you’ll enjoy teasing each other and making each other work for it. Infuse play and sexual stimulation into different aspects of your life this month, Pisces. Let your wilder, more animalistic side emerge and take the lead. Gift yourself the sexual explosions that were once only fantasies. Make them your reality as you end this year and step into a year filled with infinite possibilities for sexual bliss.