Pisces December

December 2018 is a month where you’re likely to get what you want in all realms of life, but particularly sexually speaking, Pisces. Mars, the Planet of Action, is in your zodiac sign all month long, so your ability to receive what you ask for is very powerful. But that means you have to get clear about what you want, when you want it, and who you want it from. The Universe views you as the celestial favorite, and this means that you should tap into your intuitive ability to attract sexual experiences that take you to a whole new stratosphere. Since Venus, the Planet of Love, will be in your fellow water sign of Scorpio all month long, you’ll notice that your sexual stamina increases and you’ll be thinking naughtier thoughts (even more than usual). Make sure that you don’t end up obsessing over and over again about a certain sexual scenario — it’s best to invest that energy to find ways to make it a reality rather than simply a daydream.

But beware, Pisces. Since Mercury Retrograde lasts until December 6, and then has a two-week shadow period, what you see may not be what you get. If you’re single, watch out for people who may try to woo you virtually, but who may not pan out to be what you expected sexually. It’s best to wait until the New Moon in Sagittarius that takes place on December 7 to make any new romantic moves or venture out with a new sexual partner. From December 7 to 17th, you’ll be feeling more social, adventurous and up-for-anything. Blind dates, double dates, and speed dating may be up your alley, and you’ll enjoy the element of not knowing who you could potentially meet who would knock you off your feet. This doesn’t mean that you’ll immediately have sex with someone you meet at a social outing this month, but rather that the seed will be planted, and since New Moon energy lasts six months, by June 2019 you may have manifested a consistent, dreamy sexual partner.

Already boo’d up? Spend the first half of the month discussing what you would like to improve in your sex life. Although it may at first seem awkward, it’s that level of transparent communication that can really take everything up a notch. If you’ve felt bored, unsatisfied, or stuck in a sexual rut, Mercury’s entrance into Sagittarius on December 12 will help the more outspoken and bold part of your nature come out, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from expressing your needs. Talk about your sex life with your close friends, and brainstorm if there are any blockages that keep you from fully unleashing yourself in the bedroom and feeling sexually free. 2018 was all about getting over such sexual hangups, and not being limited by any societal stigma or taboos surrounding sex. It’s okay to want it all the time, it’s okay to want it only sometimes or hardly ever. It’s okay to view yourself as a freak, or as a prude. It’s okay to only want monogamy, and it’s okay to seek more open relationships. Mid-month, you’ll realize how much you’ve been standing in your own way of your sexual liberation, and you can actively make a decision to start anew.

Once Capricorn Season starts on December 21, followed by the Cancer Full Moon on December 22, all of that introspection you’ve been doing will pay off, and your sector of fate, true love and adventure will be activated by the Full Moon. Think back to where you were six months ago, during the New Moon in Cancer in July 2018. Whatever was happening in your life sexually is about to come full circle around now, and you’ll be more in tune with your body’s needs. Even if you find yourself having many options when it comes to hooking up or dating, take time to make sure you’ve healed from past trauma before engaging in something new. This final Full Moon of 2018 will really serve as a passage to a brand new you. You’ll feel like an empowered sexual being, taking control of your own destiny and letting your body guide you as you decide who to merge with and when. Mars in your sign all month long is exactly what you needed to live on your own terms. You don’t have to explain your physical attractions to anyone. If you’re craving an interaction with a certain someone — even if that person would surprise or shock others — then let yourself pursue that attraction. Let there be fireworks and unforgettable sex. Make the most of the Planet of Action spending time in your sign, and let your sex drive fly through the roof as you close out one chapter of your life and enter another.