Pisces January

Venus enters your sign on the 13th of January, Pisces. Your sex life is going to be mind-blowing, even if it starts off being so in your dreams. Dreams and reality are much more interconnected than we think, and as the most soulful and intuitive sign of the zodiac, this month is about fusing reality with fantasy and making sex feel like a movie. Venus in Pisces makes you prone to want to push the limits of what you usually do in bed, and that’s saying something, Pisces. You tend to be one of the most limitless lovers out there, so prepare to feel transcendental when making love.

The Cancer lunar eclipse taking place on the 10th of January activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure, and its energy will last all month long. That means that while you may be used to having bomb sex with someone who may not actually be that great for your mental health, you’ll now be ready to close that chapter in your life, even if it’s painful. Admit to yourself that you deserve a connection where the sex is bomb, and so is the emotional and psychological connection. It’s 2020 — you deserve healing, abundant and sustainable connections, Pisces. Venus in Pisces will make you more of a magnet for sex, love and stimulation, but you’ll have to fine tune which partner(s) you really want to vibe with and which ones aren’t worth your time.

Mars, the Planet of Action, is in fiery Sag all month long, activating your sector of reputation and social status. The more you put yourself out there professionally, the more your sex appeal grows this month, Pisces. You may meet someone new at work, or through a colleague, and something that starts off as casual small talk can turn into steamy shower sex in your five-star hotel. It will feel so good, because Mars in Sag invites you to be in the moment and not overthink things. You are a sexual wonderland, Pisces, and it would be doing yourself and the world a disservice to minimize your sexual energy in order to make others more comfortable. Let yourself rawer and be rawr’d at. Now that your ruler Neptune is settling into its direct position in your sign, you realize that you owe yourself honesty, you owe yourself trust, you owe yourself pleasure. 2020 is the year where all of this is consistently gifted to you, sexually and emotionally.

Once Aquarius Season begins on the 20th, your sector of spirituality and healing is activated, and you’ll be able to merge with people who have also been doing the work and healing from past wounds. If you’re single, you may be at a networking event and connect with someone on an intellectual topic, and you’ll be so turned on by their knowledge that you’ll want to tear their clothes off right then and there. Some of you may be too shy to make your move though, but at least try to drop some subtle, or not-so-subtle hints. Venus in your sign is making it easier for people to gage what you want, but they still want to feel certain of it. Are you certain of what you want, or have you been in limbo lately, Pisces?

The Aquarius New Moon on the 24th activates your sector of spirituality, and it’s exactly the lunar event you’ve been wishing for to really free yourself from self-doubt and sexual shyness. You’ll realize that your sexual soulmate is closer to you than ever — it is you. As you tune out all the outside noise and spend more time pleasuring yourself, indulging in people and situations that turn you on, and really understanding that sex is energy, and you’re full of sensual, irresistible sexual energy, you’ll start to become more confident and empowered in your sexual aptitudes, and it’ll be so easy for you to cocreate your dream sexual reality. You’ll end the month on a high, because not only will you feel good within yourself, you’ll look great on the outside and therefore be in the mood to get lost in the sheets with someone (or several people) who celebrate your big god/goddess/royal energy. You can have an orgasmic end to January 2020 Pisces, as you prepare for your birthday season to begin next month and deepen your levels of sexual pleasure and bliss. You deserve all that’s cumming, and more.