Pisces June

Are people really prepared for the depth of passion and intimacy you have to offer, Pisces? Or is it just something they love to fantasize about having but actually run away from when it’s in front of them? June 2020 is the month where you’ll get the answers, and hopefully orgasms, you’re searching for, water child. With Neptune going retrograde in your sign on June 23rd (and a pre-shadow period that will be felt all month long), so many of your sexual fantasies and relationship ideals will become more clear, and the part of you that may have been suppressing your true desires may no longer be able to keep still.

People often think that you’re a pro at vulnerability and that sensuality is your middle name, but few actually know how much inner work you do to wear your heart on your sleeve, especially if you’ve been repeatedly hurt before. This month’s Sag Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on June 5th activates a part of you that wants to be seen as more than just a docile, forgiving being. You have a shadow side, and that’s what eclipses tend to bring forth. When you infuse the eclipse energy in your sex life, if you’re partnered, your lover(s) may have a deeply fiery and addicting sexual experience with you around the June 5th eclipse — the type that remains a fantasy that they play over and over again in a loop in their minds. You’re just that powerful as a lover, and you know it. Plus, Neptune’s upcoming retrograde in your sign has an intoxicating effect on sex.

Since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in your fellow Water Sign of Cancer this month, you should use words as the ultimate form of foreplay, because they’ll have a more tantalizing effect on your partner(s) than ever. Just be more wary once Mercury begins its retrograde on the 17th, because people could misconstrue your words and your actions, and it could leave you in an awkward sexual situation. For example, you could be in the middle of getting it in, and you might say “Ughhh yessss do it, come on!” and your partner could literally cum inside you. LOL. You might be like, “Woaaah there, buddy, did you just come in me?” And they’ll be all, “Ummm, yeah, I thought you told me to come in!” You get the idea. Awkward yet hilarious sexual situations may be the name of the game this retrograde and eclipse season, so consider this a heads up.

With Mars in your sign until the 27th, you’re the cosmic favorite sexually-speaking, and once Venus goes direct in Gemini on the 24th, you may be ready to give yourself a physical and psychological makeover. Previous sex positions you may have not explored may all of a sudden pique your interests. This is also the case if you’ve been wanting to explore your sexuality a bit more and make love, kiss, or flirt with someone of a different or similar gender.

Jupiter is your ruling planet, and its continuing retrograde in Capricorn is activating your sector of friendship and technology, so chances are that if you post a thirst trap on social media, someone is going to slide into your DMs requesting that they slide in you / you slide in them. They may literally be that obvious about their desire for you, and depending on how slick they are about it, it may actually be a successful DM slide. You make the rules, you choose who gets access to you, you decide who’s on top or when you’re on top. With Mars in Pisces, accept the fact that it’s all about you this month. Own your role as a sexual superstar, and if you don’t believe you are one, fake it ’til you make it. It’s not about how much you have sex, but how present and uninhibited you are when having it.

Once Cancer Season begins on the 20th, followed by the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer on the 21st, your sector of fate, adventure and true love is activated. This is one of the most exciting times of the month for connecting with someone new, especially if you’ve experienced a sexual dry spell and you’re starting to give up on love. Please don’t, shawty. You have no idea what the Universe has in store for you. Take time to set New Moon intentions, and don’t play it safe when setting them. We often ask specifically for what we want in terms of money, friendships, career, but do we get specific about how many times we want to orgasm in one day? Do we get specific about how intensely we’d like to be choked or have our asses slapped? Do we specifically visualize what it’s like to have intense eye-contact with someone whose sexual aura and techniques leaves you shook, sore, and craving more? End the month with that energyyy.