Pisces March

Birthday sex all month long, anyone? Finally, it’s your time to shine, Pisces. Your sexual powers are stronger than ever this Pisces Season, with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune all in your sign at one point this month, activating your sector of self. Mercury has been retrograde in your sign since February 16, and will re-enter your sign on March 16th after a short visit to Aquarius from the 4th to the 16th — don’t be surprised if your baes suddenly act a bit hot and cold as Mercury ends its retrograde on the 9th and the Full Moon in Virgo activates your sector of partnerships. If you focus instead on how fine you are (even if you have to fake it ’til you make it), you’ll start removing yourself from situations where people aren’t fully celebrating your worth.

This month some Pisces may find themselves ready to end relationships that aren’t reciprocal — even if the sex was bomb, if the spiritual and emotional exchange isn’t equal, you’ll feel ready to call it quits. Ideally wait until after the Virgo Full Moon on March 9th takes place before making any dramatic decisions, and also keep in mind that a planetary square between Venus and Saturn this month may make it challenging to know whether it’s your intuition that’s taking the lead, or your hurt pride. But ultimately, Pisces, you’re the most intuitive sign of the zodiac, so if something feels off or your body keeps sending you signals to let go, trust yourself above all and set the necessary boundaries.

Mars, the Planet of Action, spends its last full month in Capricorn, and it activates your sector of friendships and social networks. This is a powerful transit for making sure you attract big boss energy in terms of your sexual and emotional lover(s). While a part of you may have been attracted to the type of relationships where you had to be the saviour, this year you’re more turned-on by those ready to build an empire with you, and who can see past your sweet exterior and know that there’s a rougher, more dangerous side to you that exists beneath the surface.

You’re seeking the type of lover that wants to peel back the layers of your soul and tear off all your clothes after having fully seen you naked. The type of lover who wants to cover you in icing and lick every inch of it off of your skin while rubbing you down with oil and answering to your every need. Your birthday season, your rules. If you want that type of lover and they’re already existent in your life, Mars in Capricorn is likely to solidify your bond and deepen your sexual and synergetic attraction to each other. The relationship is likely to mature considerably this month, and all you have to do is be present with each other and not take each other for granted.

If you feel like such a relationship is a desire, but a fantasy, use the Virgo Full Moon’s energy to purge the old ties you have to outdated relationships that no longer resonate with you. If you’ve been holding on to your lover’s old clothes, still look at your old pictures every day, and are even still dreaming of them, then it’s going to be challenging to welcome new energy in your life. Find ways to start new routines and eliminate the patterns that keep you playing out the same story over and over again.

Once again, even if the sex is bomb, great sex is not a finite resource. You can manifest orgasmic sex with someone who fully respects you, show up for you, hype you up, and honor you for more than the orgasms you can make them have. They’re real, Pisces. It’s your birthday season and you can manifest anything and everything you want to. The power of your Pisces New Moon that took place at the end of February will last up until your Pisces Full Moon that takes place in September 2020. So spend time this month indulging in sexual fantasies as you touch yourself, make your own self cum and moan, and manifest the lover you deserve.

Things both heat up and lighten up considerably once Aries Season and the astro new year begins on March 19th, activating your sector of abundance. You may be in the mood to go out, radically change your look, say yes to dates (with perhaps more than one person), have a threesome or go to a sex party. Aries Season is the perfect time for you step out and wow the world, your exes, your secret admirers, and most importantly yourself, with the powers of your sexual and erotic magnetism. Just the way you dress, the way you carry yourself, and the way you look at people will emit strong sex appeal. However you’ll find yourself ultra-selective regarding who gets access to you, and those who do will feel like the luckiest people alive. Which they are.